When the Time is Right

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Well, just got suddenly inspired for a Jongho and Jihyo story, Hihi


The whole room was a mess. Four emptied bottles of soju were on a mini table beside Song Jihyo's bed. Supposedly, it's her agreed limit to herself yet that night, while sitting and alone, she just felt that sudden breeze brushing her eyes, letting her loneliness escaped that she never knew she's been hiding.  Without knowing when to stop, empty cans of beer fell on the floor. She got up from her bed and was about to leave her room to get more soju or beer, when she took a glimpse of herself in the hanged mirror just few steps from her door. 

She's still pretty but what caught her attention is her own eyes. She looked softly at herself, wanting to pat herself for a job well done for the past years, but she can't. The soft gaze turned into intense one, that she suddenly hated what her seeing in the mirror. Anxiety creeps into her that she became restless. Not knowing what to do to relax, she suddenly took the scissors from the drawer, just below the mirror and mindlessly chopped her own hair. The glory of a woman, her hair which holds her beauty naturally fell rapidly onto the floor until what's left is a length just below her ears.

Maybe because of the alcohol, she might not be at her proper mind that night, yet she clearly knows the possible consequences of her own action. However, she felt undeniable satisfaction. She looked at herself again through the mirror, a smile suddenly appeared. Finally relax after releasing the anger she suddenly felt, she lie down on her bed, closed her eyes and a tear fell, followed by another one, until her cries was accompanied by sobbing. Still a bit daze and dizzy because of the amount of alcohol she consumed, she took her phone just beside her, mindlessly calling anyone from her contacts. 


Song Jongho was in the middle of his sleep when he woke up by continuous ringing of his phone. Still half asleep, he answered the call without checking who the caller is.

"Yeoboseyo?" he flatly answered to the caller. 

Then there was silence. Annoyed, he checked who the caller is but he suddenly got up upon realizing who was it. A minute earlier, he was still half asleep but now he's sure that he's fully awake.


"Ya! I'm lonely..." He knows that Jihyo is drunk that she forgets she's talking to a sunbae, but what made his brows furrowed, is hearing Jihyo's silent cries.  

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