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snow on the beach - taylor swift
when the silence came,
we were blind and hazy.
how the hell did we lose sight 
of us again?
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taken reserved00 admin
aespakarina winter
billlie: tsuki
blackpink: rosé lisa jennie
dreamcatcher: jiu 
fromis_9: saerom29
girls generation: sooyoung
(g)i-dle: soojin
kep1er: xiaoting
lesserafim: sakura chaewon yunjin
loona: haseul heejin
momoland: nancy
nct: jeno jaehyun ten winwin
taeyong haechan jaemin doyoung renjun johnny
yangyang mark
purple kiss: dosie
red velvet: joy seulgi yeri irene
seventeen: mingyu joshua 
 woozi wonwoo hoshi jeonghan scoups
stray kids: jeongin felix
tbz:juyeon eric hyunjae sunwoo younghoon29
treasure: jaehyuk
twice: nayeon 

soloists: hyolyn kang daniel 
park jihoon bibi
actors: choi hyunwook moon sangmin choi wooshik minju29
group / occupation:

wishlist ;; 
jeno - more nct !!!! (especially renjun/dream)
hongjong - more ateez
kimlip - olivia hye & yves

rosé.- skz' felix, complete bp, fromis' saerom, weme's doyeon, lee hyeri, exo's suho, twice's dahyun
sakura - nct's yuta, jungwoo, jaemin, doyoung. sf9's hwiyoung, victon's sejun. more twice, rv, izone members
irene - red velvet, song kang, tbz' sangyeon, fromis saerom, more twice
doyoung - nct, mamamoo, dreamcatcher, road to kingdom and kingdom members

hyunjae - woodz
hyorin - sistar, 2nd gen idols, cute girls 
taeyong - a doyoung to bully 
jiu - more dreamcatcher and wjsn (
especially bona and luda)  
haechan - more nct 

name & name
name & name
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