Polar Opposites: SeulRene

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One look of Kang Seulgi one would say she's the epitome of an angel. Bae Joo-hyun (known as the notorious "Irene") on the other hand gives off the bad delinquent vibe who everyone fears.

However, what if the angelic Seulgi turns out to have the attitude of the delinquent Irene, and Irene has Seulgi's?


Disclaimer: Some places, names, events, and personalities of the characters in this story does not represent the idols and places in real life. Things related to reality mentioned in the story is highly coincidental. This is purely made with the author's imagination.

DO NOT COPY. Forgery is a crime.


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Ahhh yes, another MNL48 fanfic turned Seulrene. I am telling yall... i am remaking all my MNL48 fanfics here. my days as a fan off MNL48 are over

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