True Love Waits

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Son Chaeyoung, a third year college student has no experience with falling in love but is desperate to experience it. Once she meets Myoui Mina through mutual friends, her life changes. She has to face the difficulty of pining for someone and having to choose their happiness over hers.


First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any inconsistencies in the story. I made this within the month but I'm down to the last chapters. Some of the timelines have minor to major skips because I can't seem to figure out good filler stories in between so if you guys don't like how time just skips so quickly, I'm sorry I tried my best.
Second, I actually have another fic I'm working on. But the idea for this story was so fresh in my mind that I had to work on it immediately.
Third, I am a er for this pairing and I just want them to be happy and still choose each other.

Also, this was posted first on AO3, but then I found this site and would like to share it here!

So I hope you guys enjoy!

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