Of Fabrics and Peonies

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Set in Joseon Dynasty, a girl named Seungwan who was born in a noblemen merchant family, had her life took 180 degree swift when she has to take over her father's business by disguising as a man. Living in an era where men dominates everything, Seungwan need to be as man or at least look like one. 


Bae Joohyun was the most desired gisaeng in Hanseong. Famously known for her beauty and brain, has every men, single or married wrapped around her finger. But when she met Seungwan for the first time, it all changed.


Hello! It's been a while since I wrote anything (lol)

Also, this was my first period fic! I've always wanted to try to write one :)

Please look forward to it! Thank you :) 

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