For All It's Worth

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Yoohyeon blinked in confusion.

Wait, that’s my coat!

Before Yoohyeon could speak, however, the woman had already vanished behind the doors. Yoohyeon wasted no time running, almost slipping down to the floor due to how slippery the floor actually was. It was when she reached the entryway that she realised her sneakers had also gone.

Did I just…get robbed?

Yoohyeon closed her eyes in frustration, hating herself more for witnessing the whole thing yet unable to do anything. She wanted to scream her lungs out but she swallowed in the urge to do so, knowing that it would cause a huge disturbance.

A whine left her lips as she slammed her head against the wall, ignoring the curious look plastered on the receptionist face.

“Argh, you’re shuch a phool, Yoohyeon…”




Yoohyeon went to the dental clinic only to have her belongings stolen.

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