one bright morning


Seoul is a new beginning. It’s what everyone around Seulgi keeps saying. And even though she doesn't quite believe in new beginnings, all Seulgi knows is that she had to get out of Jeju, it hurt too much to be there and besides, it seemed like the entire universe approved of her move to Seoul. She had a potential job offer lined up, there was a relatively cheaper but incredibly nice apartment available and the people who love her were in Seoul. But of course, the universe isn’t that nice and has to add some ~excitement~ (more like stress, in Seulgi’s opinion) in the form of one ghostly roommate.

hope you enjoyed this chapter! next chapter might be out by the end of nov/early dec since i need to prepare for my last few weeks in school. do let me know what you think in the comments, on cc or on twt @iccampfire :) take care everyone!
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