Hail to the Queen

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Kang Dynasty Era

Set at the time where Crown Princess Hyewon finds her soon-to-be-wife at a Café and they embark on an unconventional relationship. One filled with rules and deceit.


Hey, Thank you for your interest in this story. I would like to thank @hyemstar for creating my story cover. These are the covers she submitted.

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I hope everyone enjoys reading this semi-angsty and semi-filthy story. Let's all remember to support both girls and please no harassing comments and other stuff to these two. We're all grown ups reading these type of stories, the least I wanted is to paint both women as their characters, I am merely borrowing their names and wrote this Fanfiction. As it is a Fanfiction, please refrain from commenting filthy things especially to this two lovelies. They don't deserve the harassment both ual and non-ual in nature, especially because they are KIDS, you better get your act together homie. 😡😤

Also please leave lots of lovely comments to these two who are following their own paths. Each of them have grown up

me their fan, I support all twelve and wish them nothing but the best. Let's work hard for them to win more awards and for their shows to rate high. I am happy Chaeyeon debuted as a Soloist, I just knew she would make a splash once she comes back to us, either as a dancer or as an idol. I'm excited to see you again Chaeyeon. Please come back to us. 🤣😂


Now on to the first chapter shall we? Spread light and love!

well and forged on well, always cheer for both of them and love them dearly. While I recently beca


- Sky

P.S. Here are my characters, just so we know the flow.

Crown Princess / Queen Regent / Queen Regnant Kang Hyewon/ Hyemu / Hyemu-rangi

Queen Consort Minju / KweenJu / Dalgogi / Minguring / Soohorangi / Samag-yeou

Kang Ye-won / Queen Mother as Actress Kang Ye-won

King Kang Ju-Hwang as Actor Kang Haneul

Empress Consort of the North / Wony / Kang Wonyoung / Empress Consort Jang Wonyoung

Empress Ahn Yujin of the North / Puppy looking girl from the Library

Crown Princess Sakura / Kku Okaasan / Kku Eomma

Lee Chaeyeon / Feathers

Choi Yena / Ori / Duck

Jo Yuri / Yul

Captain Kim Chaewon

Lieutenant Huh Yunjin

Yabuki Nako / Lady Yabuki / Nako-chan

Honda Hitomi / Hii / Tomi

Mistresses and Concubines

Noble Consort Gwibi Jeon Heejin as Jeon Heejin of LOONA

Pure Consort Sukbi Kwon Eunbi as Kwon Eunbi of IZ*ONE

Primary Consort Wonbi Jo Hye-won as ZOA of Weeekly



Virtuous Consort Dokbi Choi Jisu as Lia of ITZY

Worthy Consort Hyeonbi Lim Na-Young as Nayoung of I.O.I/Pristin

Royal Concubine Bin Cho Miyeon as Miyeon of (G)-IDLE

Noble Lady Gwiin Yeh Shuhua as Shuhua of (G)-IDLE

Lady of Bright Deportment Soui Lee Eunjae as Actress Eunjae Lee

Lady of Warm Ceremony Sugui Noh Jihye as Dancer NO:ZE

•Minor Characters•

Empress Sana of the Japanese Imperial Royal Court as SANA of TWICE

Empress Consort of the Japanese Imperial Court as TZUYU of TWICE

General Choi as Choi Sungmin of SPEED

General Jo as Taemin of SHINEE

Prime Minister Lee as Lee Donghae of Super Junior

Queen Consort's Chief of Security Kim Heechul as Heechul of Super Junior

Queen Regnant's Chief of Security Bang Chan Ahjeossi as Bangchan of Stray Kids

Lady in Waiting Jimin to Consort Minju as Soloist Kriesha Chuu

Lady in Waiting Ning as Ning of ÆSPA

Miss Bae Joohyun the Librarian as Bae Joohyun of Red Velvet

Missus Bae Seungwan as Son Seungwan of Red Velvet

Bae Jin-sol Daughter of Miss and Missus Bae as BAE of NMIXX

Sullyoon (Minju's Tutee at the college) as Sullyoon of NMIXX

Hyunjin (Minju's College Classmate) as Hyunjin of Stray Kids

Haewon (Minju's College Suitor) as Haewon of NMIXX

Crown Princess Kang Hye-ju as Kang Haerin of NewJeans

Mo Ji-hye a.k.a Danielle Marsh / Elle Marsh / Dani as Danielle Marsh of NewJeans

- Sky


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