How to Survive in the GL World: An Unhelpful Guide by Kim Minjeong

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As insane as it sounds, Kim Minjeong lives in a GL world. A very ridiculous one, at that.

Follow along as she embarks on her journey to defeat the (persistent) GL deities with her partner-in-crime, Yu Jimin.


“...That was close,” Minjeong heard Attractive Girl #983 groan to herself, “The GL deities are so hell-bent on playing matchmaker, aren’t they?”

Minjeong paused in her steps. “Stop there,” she turned around to stare at Beautiful Girl #983 sharply. “‘The GL deities?’” Minjeong repeated in disbelief, “Are you… aware, too?”

The corner of her eye twitched, and the stranger cautiously asked back, “…aware of what?”

“You know exactly what I mean,” Minjeong gave her a scrutinizing look. “Tell me, have you also been plagued by cliché GL plots even though you’d rather die than participate in one?”




Inspired by A Man Who Defies the World of BL, but make it GL - with some modifications.


Rating: G. Genre: Romance, Crack, Comedy, Fluff, Alternate Universe - A Man Who Defies the World of BL.

Main Pairing: Kim Minjeong/Yoo Jimin. Length: Two-shot.

Other Pairings: Park Sooyoung/Kim Yerim, Ning Yizhou/Aeri Uchinaga, Park Chaeyoung/Kim Jisoo, Mina Myoi/Im Nayeon, Naoi Rei/Kim Gaeul, Anton Lee/Park Wonbin.

TAGS: fake dating (not really), mentions of overly dramatic and cliché plots you can think of, cousin (Park Sooyoung/Kim Yerim), K-drama references, failed attempt at comedy, humorous ending, there’s very little angst and it’s for comedic purposes, you can tell i wrote this while laughing because it’s so unserious (lmao.)

i finished it YEAY thank you for reading if you read it!! ^^ this is unbetaed btw so...


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307 streak #1
Chapter 2: Sooo cute 🥰 thank you for this authornim! 🫶
Chapter 2: As someone who had been reading gl stories for almost a decade now, you don't know how delighted I am to see different types of tropes stuffed in here lmao

Ngl I was expecting the running after someone at the airport scene to happen as what all the other "i-actually-love-you-pls-stay-im-sorry" tropes do sayang😭

Great job again thank you for writing this its so cute <33
Chapter 2: God, I know that it was gonna happen, but my heart was actually beating when Jimin confessed. I had so much fun reading this one (discovered it a long time ago and was actually waiting for you to finish it before reading 😅) Thank you so much for writing this!
taenggo09 #4
Chapter 2: this is so cute and fun to read
typical but not so typical
love it author
thank you
No_looksies #5
Chapter 2: Author nim this was such a fun story! I haven't had this much fun reading a story for a while now... Thank you so much for this humourous and fluffy story! Even though all the tropes were cliche they made my heart race 😖
It was the perfect story for bedtime!
Chapter 2: had fun reading this while eventually cackling from time to time. it's so good! 😌
Chapter 2: Such a refreshing story. A cute break from all angst winrina stories here in aff.
Chapter 2: Thank you for this story!🤎
bpandap #9
Chapter 2: icb u came back! what a nice gift!