A Million Sleepless Nights


Title: A Million Sleepless Nights

Author: Yunjae2022

Genre: slice of life, Angst, Romance, psychological, AU, Enemies-to-lovers

Main: YunJae/JaeHo


Beta: Me

Rated 13+

Inspiration(s): It's autumn and I crave romance.

Update Schedule: Whenever the mood strikes.  

 I will come out and say it: I am a comment-. Therefore, please bless my whoreness with comments. Thank you. Be blessed. Lots of bo.

Thank you for reading ☺️😁




An online romance turned out to be a nightmare.

A nightmare turned into a heart's purest wish.

Nothing makes sense but everything makes sense.

Two young men are figuring themsleves and the world out.

Hello everyone! I’ve just been reading a lot and that has really fired me up to write. So, here’s another chapter! Thank you to those that comment after reading. You’re the best and I appreciate you with all of my heart. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!


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jjbrownsugga 0 points #1
Chapter 28: It's not easy coming clean to friends.

Thank you for the update.
NinePlusOne 0 points #2
Chapter 28: Yes! The friends know now & are being supportive, go for it JJ before it’s too late!
Chapter 27: The cat is out of the bag, I wonder how his other friends will react
Marylu521 #4
Chapter 25: I hate that nut. Always knew he's going to do something against jaejoong again. And even yunho!!! Great! Let the Kim family teach that bastard a lesson!!!
jjbrownsugga #5
Chapter 27: I knew Nathan would do something. I love the way his family supports him.
Thank you for the update.
Brownsugar40 #6
Chapter 26: Please update soon as you can thank you
jjbrownsugga #7
Chapter 26: That was exciting and unexpected.
I like his friend group.
Thank you for the update.
jjbrownsugga #8
Chapter 25: It's important to be true to ourselves, and not worry so much about what others think
Chapter 24: well, it had to happen...Jaejoong will have to come to terms that reason and heart dont often go ahnd in hand ....
NinePlusOne #10
Chapter 24: Yeah come on JJ, have you heard of the word “forgive?”