pov: we’re both single on christmas


warning: nsfw! wanna hold hands?


alright, time to sell myself:

  • oa, mdni, probably single, fake plus cause i sleep at weird times.
  • pronouns match fc (currently male).
  • speaks japanese, can be your pocket translator when watching anime or listening to jp music.
  • my love language are memes and sometimes kaching (also looking for a glucose guardian).
  • loves cats, horror movies, gore, marvel, k-hiphop, takayan, esports, streamers, and vtubers.
  • i gave in and have tiktok now, i refuse to fall into the abyss but send me funny ones anyway.
  • oomfs? can i eat that? no? i got my heart broken twice in one day. i have no soul left in my body.
  • will hb and plato with you, watch you play, listen to music, anything that is possible in this world.
  • down for anything, can plot (you want me so bad) but nothing too heavy cause i just wanna chill and gossip about the lives of other people.
  • i’m too hot apparently so make sure to bring sunscreen and i tend to flirt a lot, lmk if that’s weirdge.
  • you wanna know if i’m the pitcher or catcher? i’m the audience /hj.
  • game(s) i play: genshin | games i might play if asked: fall guys, acnh, and whatever really | games i played in the past: lol, mlbb, apex, valo, etc.

feel free roast me for these things:

  • male harem in genshin and c6 bennett.
  • completely out of touch with kpop, sorry kpop stans, but i still jam to the old gens.
  • fc’ed kim taehyung for the longest time, sorry if i snatched all the slots years ago (not sorry).
  • dumb sometimes but that’s one of my charm points, me thinks.
  • replies might be sporadic at times, blame life.

are you sold yet? yes or yes? great! send me your discord in dms, y.

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