[EXCLUSIVE] local florida man is looking for friends (again)


wanted to make this stand out but i'm not a creep, i'm not a weirdo. i'm like other people who wants friends, sorry not sorry!


i currently have some free time and now i'm looking for friends who will pass the time with me. strictly platonic! i am happily taken. :)

  • 20. minors are ok tho cuz i'm sfw, but i do prefer talking to people my age.
  • no game and movie dates. i get so pressured doing it with someone real time. <\3 you're free to talk to me about said movies and games though. animal crossing, stardew valley, tekken, persona, uncharted, detroit, etc. i will ride the wave with you, my pal.
  • my main fc is lee juyeon. might switch it up but i mostly fc males still. your fc doesn't matter to me, you are shaped like a friend to me nevertheless.
  • people have told me i have a knack for making people feel like they've known me forever. soooo... hope that scores me brownie points with you.
  • normal replying speed at first but i reply pretty fast once i'm comfy. that being said, i am a full time uni student so once my free time is all gone i may turn to sporadic replies. but plz don't let that stand in the way of true friendship!! what if i'm the wingman that helps you with your future s/o!! what if i'm the person that'll give a great contribution to your thesis!!
  • worried about waiting too long to reply to me and now ur embarrassed? please dont . idc how long u take to reply. /g could be a week, three days, two months. i'll act like the time distance isn't there
  • i just want ppl 2 chat with plz. i can listen while u talk, i can talk while u listen. i can do both well, if someone were to make a tweet dedicated to my duality it would go viral /j
  • on the plus side of the world but i function like a minus so that should be no problemo
  • we don't click? that's okay! have a nice life :)
  • idk what kind of impression i'm giving here but i'm probably better once we talk...probably.... i'm nice i promise

i'm on twitter mostly, but i also have a dc. please hit me up and let's unlock each other's friendship levels and see if we click. i'd like it if you told me something about yourself before getting into this too!

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