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A/N: Made a sequel of Polaris in Gyu’s POV. My interest in stars came back suddenly and I want to share it with everyone through fics. Hope you will enjoy this. :))

Sorry for all the mistakes and errors. I never edited this like Polaris.


Sunggyu just finished his last lecture for the day and he was presently walking towards the faculty office. It was his third year of teaching Stellar Astronomy. His fascination about stars rooted when his mother frequently brought him to the science museum she was working at. His late mother was a meteorologist for over 20 years before she passed away at the age of 50 and joined his father in heaven. As an only child, he inherited everything from his parents. 


They weren’t elite rich but he could say that he was well-off. Included on the things he got after his parents died were the multiple real estate investments that were already paid off. He sold most of it and he just kept their house and his apartment. The money he got went to his savings, stock investments and retirement funds. He was planning to retire early and enjoy his life. He realized that his parents never had a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor because they did their best to provide him a comfortable life; and he didn’t want that to happen to him. 


As soon as he entered the teacher’s room, he saw Woohyun sitting by his table.


After graduation, his boyfriend tried getting his Master’s degree in KASI (Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute) majoring in Astronomy and Space Science. And now after 2 years, Woohyun was working as a professor like him but he was teaching Physics.


”Hi love. Done with your lectures?” He nodded at his boyfriend. 


Who would have thought that the infamous Nam Woohyun would end up as a professor in the same university he graduated? He could still remember how Woohyun arrived late on his class on his first day of teaching.


Initially, he  thought his boyfriend was one of those students who didn’t know what course to take and applied to any course just for the heck of getting a degree; but he was wrong. When Woohyun answered what Polaris is without him discussing it, he realized that Astronomy was really his interest. 


Sunggyu turned to Woohyun after fixing his things. “Let’s go home?” Woohyun took all his things and held his hand. 


They started living together after six months of being in a relationship. It was an easy decision for them. He moved in with Woohyun but he still kept his own. The original plan was to sell it but Woohyun told him not to because it was his parents’ investment for him. Though it wasn’t practical to maintain two places, they managed to do it pretty well and currently their plan was to rent it out by next year.


As for their relationship, it wasn’t a secret at school and even to the public. They successfully kept their relationship out of the prying eyes until Woohyun graduated from college but their relationship was caught by one reporter after three months. It was added to the list of Woohyun’s scandals. Though it was known to public that his boyfriend came out as biual, their relationship was still questioned by close-minded locals and he underwent a scrutinizing stares from Woohyun’s parents. 


However, Woohyun never faltered in defending him and shielding him from his parents’ claws. 


After a year, they were on their one year and three months into their relationship, he was accepted to his boyfriend’s family. When he said after a year, it meant, after a year of background check: family, education, criminal, financial and credit checks. It was the most uncomfortable year of his life. It took them one year because he didn’t cooperate and the hired private investigator had to dig up everything from scratch. 


Woohyun apologized to him non-stop and argued with his parents everyday for making his life difficult. It wasn’t until the very lovable, kind and nice grandparents meddled that all the investigations about him stopped. Honestly, it was a little late because everything was already revealed to Woohyun’s parents. Even information he had no idea of was uncovered. However, he was still very grateful to the grandparents. They were the first one to accept him.


After his background investigation came out clean, Woohyun’s parents invited him to dinner without Woohyun and even he was adamant of going, he still met up with them. It was a dinner in a high-class hotel; a luxury he could afford but wouldn’t dare to waste his money into. 


Woohyun’s parents, disregard the fact that they were influential politicians and elite people, were nice and a good couple. They were strict, authoritative, demanding and uptight but despite of those, they were still parents who loved their sons and wanted the best for them. In spite of being not in a good relationship with Woohyun, they cared for him. It  was just that they didn’t know how to show him. It was due to the fact that Woohyun was far different from them; from what they wanted him to be. Thus, their relationship ended up sour. 


His relationship with the Nams started to become good since their dinner. Woohyun knew it of course, but never spoke anything about it. His boyfriend just told him that it was fine with him

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Chapter 1: This is so good.. Loved reading this. Your stories always bring a smile to my face
Simran20 #2
Chapter 1: Polaris and Sirius, two of the best constellations out there. Thankyou so much for the sequel author nim❤️❤️❤️