To The Moon, Sun, & Stars (starring actor Choi Hyunwook & DKZ's Park Jaechan)


“To the moon, sun, stars and back, I love you” 

A girl reunites with her first love after ten years, now it’s up to her to decide whether she’ll choose her childhood best friend or her first love.


Character Descriptions

Eum Yoonjin (27)-Park Jaechan’s first love and Choi Hyunwook’s childhood best friend. A shy, quiet, and naive girl. She likes spending time at the library and reading books. She may be interested in romance but she never dated anyone before. She's a bit tactless and clumsy when it comes to love. Major: LIT (KAIT), Library Science (Yeongwon University)

Choi Hyunwook (21)-Eum Yoonjin's childhood best friend. A typical bad boy with a typical bad boy attitude. Leader of his gang Black Panthers. He may be a troublemaker but he’s serious when it comes to love. He’ll do anything to protect the one he loves. Major: None for he dropped out of high school and college

Park Jaechan (22)-Eum Yoonjin’s first love. He may be a cold and mysterious guy but he has a soft spot for Eum Yoonjin. He had feelings for her for over ten years but never found the courage to confess them until now. Major: Computer Science (Yeongwon University)

Will be updated 1-2 chapters/week
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