Nayeon Birthday special

Nayeon sat at her desk with her glasses on. She had worn a well fitted suit but she ended up taking it off at some point as it was to hard to focus with the scratchy garment on. She was so focused on her work that she just barely heard the knock on her office door. "Tzuyu? Did you pull the contract I asked you for?" A pouting Japanese woman appeared at the door in place of her secretary. Nayeon looked at her confused for a moment til she realized what day it was. "Mina I'm-" Mina furrowed her brows "You're in trouble that's what you are." She crossed her arms looking at the other woman. 


"I'm sorry Minari. Something important came up." Mina huffed a bit. "I got dressed up all pretty for our dinner date and you weren't home in time and we missed our reservation." Nayeon stood and went to her hugging her resting her chin on top of her head. "I'll see if Tzuyu can't get us a reservation for maybe an hour or so." Mina leaned into her arms sighing softly. "I already sent Tzuyu home for the night. She was reluctant but I persuaded her." Nayeon pouted at Mina. "Baby you can't just send my employees home yourself." Mina hummed a small smile on her face. "And yet I do it sometimes." Nayeon pinched her nose lightly before kissing it. "Okay go sit and relax I'll see what I can do I'll get us another table just give me a moment okay?" 


Mina hummed agreeing but didn't move as she was comfortable right where she was holding onto the older woman. Nayeon only smiled kissing the top of her head as she called the restaurant they were meant to go to. After a few moments she had checked in and was told a table should be ready for them in about an hour. "Come on my love I'll need to change before we can go. I don't want to show up there like this." Mina puffed her cheeks tilting her head. "I think you look hot like this." Nayeon smirked as she held Mina by her waist. She leaned in closely brushing her lips Mina's lightly teasing her. Mina blushed and looked away. "Go go we have to hurry we can't be late again." Nayeon smiled and kissed her cheek before going to her private bathroom to change. 


Once dressed Nayeon came out she now wore a nice blouse and jeans. "How about now am I still hot?" Mina smiled softly and playfully shook her head. Nayeon pouted at her. "Yah you're supposed to say yes!" Mina pecked her pout. "You're always hot and y and beautiful." Nayeon smiled leaning in burying her face in Mina's neck. "I love you." Mina smiled bringing her hand up to the back of the older woman head gently scratching. "Happy birthday my love." She hummed softly as she held her close. 


"We should go. I didn't bring my car you've got to drive." Nayeon pulled back and held her hand. "Let's go then." She led the way out of the office locking it behind them. The couple went to the restaurant a bit before they were supposed to. Nayeon smiled at the Japanese woman. "Come here." She patted her lap. Mina rolled her eyes playfully. "I won't fit in your lap with the steering wheel there." They had done this plenty of times with Nayeon pulling her fiance into her lap after she scooted the seat back a bit. So that's just what Nayeon did and as soon as she could she pulled Mina over into her lap. The Japanese woman straddled her lap placing her hands on the back of the older womans neck. "There perfect." She flashed her a big smile. Mina shook her head laughing softly as she leaned in kissing the woman under her. The kiss was tender and full of love but soon evolved into a small make out session. 


Eventually they had to pull away when Nayeon's phone rang. She quickly answered it as Mina fixed her hair. "Yes? Oh thank you. See you soon." She hung up and held Mina's waist. "Our table is ready." She opened the car door with a smirk. "After you my love." Mina blushed as she climbed off of Nayeon's lap and out of the car making sure no one saw. Nayeon came out as well with Mina's as well as her own purse in hand. She gently placed her hand on the younger woman waist kissing her shoulder lightly before leading the way into the restaurant. 


As the two sat down and took their menu's Nayeon went ahead and ordered an expensive wine. "I will drive us home my love so don't worry about drinking." Mina pouted a bit. "Then why did you order the expensive one? I don't need that fancy stuff..." Nayeon took her hand kissing her knuckles. "Because I love you and I want to give you the best of the best." Mina nudged her lightly under the table. "Yah it's your birthday it should be about you and what you want." Nayeon smiled brightly. "I want my fiance to have fun and drink something delicious. Now no more arguing. What do you want to eat?" Mina kept pouting but looked at the menu picking something out. 


Soon they were eating while talking about their day. Mina told about a new project she had been working on in her dance class and Nayeon told about her secretary's 'secret' relationship with the boss's daughter Park Jihyo. "You should've seen her blush. It was adorable." Mina shook her head with a smile. "You shouldn't tease Tzuyu when she has so much control over your life at work." Nayeon chuckled and shook her head. "I'm just doing what any big sister would do. It's not everyone who gets lucky enough to work with someone they're close to. So I should make the most of it with light bullying." Mina smiled. "Okay when she over books you and has you sprinting through the building again no complaining." Nayeon pouted. "But that was too mean!" Mina smiled fondly. "You're cute when you pout like that." Nayeon pouted more for affect. "Awe my pouty baby." 


Mina saw they had both finished and called the waiter to ask for the check. She began to pull out her wallet but Nayeon put her hand on top. "Hey let me pay please?" Mina huffed a bit she knew Nayeon would want to pay as she always did but she had to stand firm this time. "No it's your birthday I'm paying." Nayeon whined softly giving Mina a cute pout. "I wanna pay please please please." Mina almost couldn't look at Nayeon as she gave her pleading eyes. A few seconds went by til she sighed. "Fine. You're to cute to resist for to long." Nayeon pulled out her wallet and gave her card to the waiter with a bright bunny smile. Before clinging to Mina's side kissing her cheek a few times. 


They finally got home and they laid on the couch together not bothering to change yet content to lay in each other's arms. "I got you presents you know." Mina mumbled as she was half asleep already. "I know." Nayeon gently her hair. "I should go get them for you." Nayeon kissed the top of her head. "I think it can wait for tomorrow I'm to comfy couldn't possibly move." Mina hummed a bit. "What if I told you one of the presents was new lingerie?" Nayeon quickly sat up pulling the Japanese woman with her. "I changed my mind I'm very awake ready for my presents!" Mina couldn't help but laugh but obliged. The two were going to have a very very long night. 

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