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According to scientific explanation rain is liquid precipitation that is brought about when water evaporates and rises into thin air. But for her it was everything and more. The hovering dark nimbus clouds in sight just outside of her window is bringing something more than just chills into the atmosphere.


She gently gets up from her bed leaving behind her traces on the sheets and blanket as she walks barefoot towards her glass window. The cold floor did nothing to her senses once her eyes starts to trace the falling droplets of water one by one and then all at once. Very much similar to how she found herself falling for her as she stood there on the parking lot that one autumn afternoon three years ago.


She was hesitant. She knew that the rain would only fall harder. The endless dark clouds above her told her so.  But despite her better judgement, that gummy smile got her beguiled that she found herself opening her car door and stepping outside the safety of her vehicle to join the younger girl who was freely enjoying every single drop of rain like it was a burst of confettis falling down in celebration.

That gummy smile only widen as she started to walk towards her. Despite of the cool water soaking her clothes little by little, a wave of warmth spread across her chest knowing that she was the reason behind that mesmerizing smile of hers. 

She stops just enough to get a proper look of the girl who managed to fill her delicate heart in a span of a few weeks. She stood there wondering just how she was able to do so until the rain started to hit her eyes making her close them for a few seconds in response. Amidst the short darkness, the tingling sensation that filled her body as the raindrops continuously hit her brought the answer that she was looking for.


Little by little she filled her heart continuously seeping through the little creeks and holes until it started to overflow spreading out all over her system that she can't deny it anymore. Her smile, her eyes, her long dark hair, her loud and soft giggles... She could enumerate them all but she knows she will still miss a few here and there. Because it wasn't just her features, her gestures or actions. It was also the feelings and emotions that she made her feel everytime they're together and apart.


With her everything seems to be more joyful. The streets were suddenly not so barren everytime she hops to her car and fetches her. The busy crowd seemed more tolerable because here comes the one person that she was waiting for after the long buzzing line. Now she longs for the rain to soak the streets and hit her car roof just to hear the little dri

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