As Long As You're Mine


Liking someone is tedious at best, especially if you're not sure if the person you like, likes you back.


Sooo this was actually written by me several years ago for a whole different fandom. As some of you may (or may not) know, i absolutely LOVE Wicked, and I wrote this oneshot when I was on a Wicked high.

So I thought, why not try and resurrect this story since, you know, there's KELLY ahahaha (listened to the song recently and it just gave me that kind of feel)

If you're not familiar with the song of the same title, please listen to it so that you can get the feel of it.

Fair warning, a bit rough around the edges since I quickly edited it and decided on a whim that I wanted to post it today 9/22.

Hope you like it! <3

LOL weirdly enough AFF posted it as published 9/21 when i posted it at 1:14AM on the 22nd. oh well, happy taengsic day! XD
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