The Darkest Desire


Hey everyone!

I'm quite new to writing stories and english is not my first language so I hope it works anyway! This story will have some adult material like blood,  and etc but I will insert TW before the chapter starts! 

I hope you enjoy!



“ I just want to feel alive, you know? I'm eighteen! I'm doing well in school and I should allow myself to have a great time sooo….. I¨m in”


“ Oh my god! Yes Yuqi you are going to have a ing great time! The club at Dark is the best club in Seoul and….. they have the hottest people there also-”


“  I'M NOT GOING TO HOOK UP WITH SOMEBODY OKEY?! Just dancing okay? No drinking, no smoking just… having fun with my friends”


“ Okay! I buy that, but we should go to the mall and buy some dresses and-”


Suddenly I started to zoom out and I got cold, my body started to hurt and my head was spinning. What's happening to me? I started feeling like this weeks ago when I turned eighteen. Something is not right… I-I-I going insane.. I need something, I need-”




“ I-I sorry.. I zone out and yeah let's go to the mail and buy some things!”


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