Feelings First

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Kai may have accidentally wrapped hopeless romantic Noeul right around his finger.




With a tendency to romanticise her interactions with any guy, Noeul misunderstands her classmate – Kai – and for once, finds herself acting according to her feelings first.










Hello all!! If it's your first time reading a story of mine, then welcome and thank you for checking out my story, I'm Kal.

And to all my lovely subscribers/followers, hiiiii, you're probably wondering why I'm uploading a new story when I haven't even finished my other ones, which I'm suuper sorry for, since it has been a really long time, but I swear I haven't abandoned those stories - I am in the process or rewriting them and will complete them I promise!!!


I at descriptions if you can't tell. Like literally, I'm horrible at writing them unfortunately. Idek if the one for this story makes sense?? is it relevent?? is it even grammatically correct? no clue whoops. I'll probs figure out a better one as the story progresses hopefully.

Anyways, this is  an old story of mine that I recently found when I was looking thru my old usb (I have like 20+ incomplete stories honestly), and after reading it I was like wow, why did I never finish it?? It's a short story, so hopefully not too many chapters, and quicker updates yay!

This story is on the light-hearted side, so please don't take this too seriously. You might be wondering why I'm saying this but the oc/fl in this is um abit eccentric to say the least lol. I can't wait for u all to meet her and hope u like her character! I had so much fun writing this :)

Also disclaimer: prepare for tons of second-hand embarrassment, cute moments, and hopefully a few laughs if I manage to pull off some humour!

Also this is semi-edited, so there may be a few grammar mistakes and whatnot, which I will edit later. I might also add more stuff and edit the actual story after its complete, since rn its quite simple- like not as descriptive as my other stories tbh. I may also change the title of the story later on since I kinda came up with a random one lol. idk.


Please comment and let me know what you think. I try my best to read and reply to all my comments!!

Thank you :)





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