✰ sɪʟᴇɴᴛ ғᴀʟʟs ✰ ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴀᴜ ʀᴘ ✰ ғᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ x ᴄɪᴛʏ x sᴜᴘᴇʀɴᴀᴛᴜʀᴀʟ x ᴍᴀғɪᴀ x ɢᴏssɪᴘ ɢɪʀʟ ✰ ᴏᴘᴇɴ + ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ!

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 a facebook roleplay, est. 2022 
Mystic Falls is a place ruled by supernaturals, though it functions as any other country. To humans, it is simply known as France. Government officials are either blackmailed or mind controlled to look the other way whenever there are matters that are out of the ordinary, their ranks themselves filled with well-positioned beings to ensure that Mystic Falls remains to be a place where supernatural beings can thrive. Tourists provide a healthy food source for vampires and other species that feast on humans, the allure of Paris working heavily in their favor.
carrd  masterlist, races + Wishlist here
update  for a Limited time, female muses will start with 50k aces. 
update  —
01. Please subscribe to the thread! Upvotes are appreciated but not necessary.
02. This roleplay is strictly literate, meaning that the use of emojis, emoticons, first POV/Action roleplaying, and improper grammar outside of SNS/OOC posting is not tolerated. We understand that English is not everyone’s first language, but there is a difference between casual mistakes and not putting in any effort.
03. You may begin adding members once you are introduced in the roleplay. Do NOT add anyone outside of the roleplay. For members already in the roleplay, it would be better to add newcomers to avoid account lockings.
04. IC drama is welcomed and encouraged even, but OOC drama will not be tolerated. If there is, take it outside of the group. Please try not to drag it into the roleplay. Similarly, do not take offense to insults/advances made by another player’s character. It is all part of the writing experience.
05. Please be friendly with everyone OOC, whether it be plotting or chatting. Do not stick to a ‘clique’ or exclude others under any circumstances! It’s rude and we do not want our roleplayers to feel left out so we’ll be strict about this. It’s perfectly okay to have preferred friends, but remember there are other people too! OOC in brackets as well.
06. This roleplay will include mentions of , drugs, alcohol, etc. So please be in real life. Along with this, we will not be accepting any faceclaims under the age of 19.
07. Anything considered unethical (such as ) must be agreed upon with ALL participating parties and will need the appropriate trigger warnings.
08. All ethnicities, races, genders and ualities are allowed here with no limits, we are a non-discriminatory roleplay. All we ask is for your FC to have at least 150k followers on any social media platform. If they are not well known then please provide links in your application.
09. A decent amount of activity is a must! We understand everyone gets busy but if you’re joining a roleplay, chances are you have time. Any signs of constant inactivity without applying for a hiatus on the appropriate forms beforehand will result in expulsion from the roleplay. Seven consecutive days with no activity will result in getting booted.
10. Absolutely no facechasing, godmodding, or metagaming! You only control your own characters. Please be careful not to overstep into other people’s characters. Kindly note that only public sns can be viewed by all muses. DM/PM or text messaging is only between the characters involved. On the other hand, be mindful of what your muse puts on their public sns and its comment section as this can be seen by all muses. If reported, depending on the severity, you will either be instantly removed or receive a strike.
11. Both marriage and pregnancy are allowed (no mpreg). We ask that you keep it realistic (people don’t get into relationships in a day), but arrangements among the elite are made and accidents do happen. As long as there’s thought and plotting behind it, we do not have a problem.
12. Character changes are unlimited but only allowed once a month. A character's entire backstory can be changed once without an official CC.
13. Any dissension between members is to be brought to the notice of the admins.
14. Character death/suicide IS allowed. However, glorification/romanticization of suicidal tendencies/self-harm is NOT. If your character commits the ultimate sacrifice, they may leave one note in their residence. Not individual letters to other muses.
15. Up to three accounts are allowed with the approval of an admin. You must be equally active on all accounts once you’ve been approved.
16. Please do not take things overboard without the consent of the parties involved. We understand that some people prefer the no-plotting approach to writing, but negativity and drama MUST be vetted with the muns involved. Please be considerate to your writing partners! Password is what you had for dinner yesterday.
17. We desire quality writing and plots, so to achieve that we ask everyone within the RP to have a bio written up within a week of acceptance. The bio can be on carrd, strikingly, google docs, milkshake, life event, etc.
18. Please be mindful of the roleplay’s concept! We are taking influence from the shows ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Gossip Girl’, along with owner/slave in the form of trafficking and mafia themes. Brushing up on knowledge would be much appreciated even if it’s just a glance at the show’s wiki page or google- we don’t expect you to be a hardcore fan or even to have watched the shows but an understanding would help with building your muse. Our gossip girl (the all knower) will be as she is in the show; ruthless and unbiased. Remember, nothing will be targeted OOC! Everything is strictly IC.
01. Subscribe!
02. Read the races, rules, gossip girl, and mafia info.
03. Click here for the application form!
04. Choose your face claim, please check our banned face claim list first!
05. After you’ve submitted your application, please private message the AFF to tell us that you’ve applied.
06. Once you’ve been accepted, you have 48 hours to make/recycle a Facebook account and add the admin with the link provided. Please have your account name be in English characters (a,b,c,d) and if you can, the same as your muses name. If the account name is different from your character's name, then include it as an alternate name.
07. After you’ve been announced, you may begin to add the other members and start your Silent Falls journey!
rules & regulation
how to join 

2PM junho.
AESPA Karina. 
Astro minhyuk. 

ATEEZ  san. Mingi. yunho. wooyoung. 
 BLACKPINK  lisa. 
 Btob minhyuk.

 (G) idle  soyeon.

got7  jaebeom.
le sserafim sakura.
mamamoo wheein.

monsta x Im changkyun
nct yuta.
 red velvet 
 sf9 Taeyang.
seventeen MINGYU.

shinee onew. TAEMIN. key.

stray kids Hyunjin. felix. jisung. 

twice nayeon. Mina. sana. momo.
the rose 

vixx leo.

soloists zico. Jaejoong. 
jackson wang. heize.
mondop haemtan. park hyungsik.
yoshizawa ryo.
actresses park boyoung. 

int. musicians 

int. actors  

int. actresses  lucy hale. claire holt. 
madelyn cline.

int. models  
socmed personality  Kennedy walsh.
 banana4985. hakken.
 female: 14
 male: 31
 taken. reserved.
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