The Marriage of Convenience

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Kim Yongsun, the only omega daughter of the Kim family disappeared from the public’s eyes to grieve for the loss of her father. She was forced to come out of her hiding and make a desperate decision of finding a contracted marriage partner in an alpha facility to avoid the machinations of her dim-witted mother. A female alpha who remained cognizant even during a rut caught her attention. Would this contractual marriage be more than just a marriage of convenience?


A brand-new story set in the A/B/O verse. In this verse, the omegas stand at the pinnacle of the society, well-respected by all. The alphas are the very dregs of the society since they have brute strength and are unable to control their animalistic tendencies during a rut. They were often sold to facilites once they presented to curb their more beastial nature.

Kim Yongsun is the only omega daughter of the Kim family. Her father founded the Kim Inc and left it to her in his will. However, she was too aggrieved by the loss of her father that she hand the management position to her mother and retreated to grieve.

Two years later, her assistant Park Chorong needed to hunt her down to explain a deal that her mother had made that would save the ruined Kim Inc. Yongsun chose to defy her mother by making her own decision which was to find her own legal partner. She would eventually meet an intriguing alpha, Moon Byulyi in the facility and offer her marriage. Would this marriage develop into a true partnership?

The angst of the other stories on AFF is killing me slowly so a cheery chapter is here. MAMAMOO is coming back for you!
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