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YunJae one-shot drabble collection.



I was snooping around my old social media accounts and stumbled across my old YunJae fanfics that stayed unpublished so I thought why not publish it here now? Better that than let them rot without seeing the light. 

I started writing anime fanfictions and then YunJae fanfics when I got hooked to DBSK. Unfortunately, it was around 2010, the time when they were breaking up. Sad, right? We, international fans, were only fed with the baseless rumor as to why they were disbanding so that was the thought around some of my YunJae fanfics. I was young and naive back then so...meh. I know now though that wasn't the case.  

Anyway, I just wanted a platform to publish my old fanfics as an ode to where I started. Head-ups though, these stories are cheesy, corny and god, cringey! I had goosebumps when I read it again! Hahaha! I'm so sorry, but proceed at your own risk. Again, I was young and naive back then. -___-

I might publish a more decent YunJae story after publishing my old ones so I hope you'd look forward to it too. I know I mostly publish SeulRene stories but if you've noticed, YunJae were always around the corner as supporting actors so why not push them into the leads? Even though some might argue that their ship had long sunk, I still think that they were once real. And both of them haven't even got married yet so, who knows?  

Right! Enough of the intro. Hope you enjoy this first one. :)

EDIT: I've decided to put all my one-shots in one story as a collection since I think it's too messy to publish it one by one.

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