25 autumns


4. Awkward kiss




Sunggyu's first love had been his best friend. The two were just 15 and 16¹ years old. Woohyun was his neighbor and used to visit him almost every day to play video games with him. On one of those nights, he knocked on his window on the pretense of being bored with so many activities to do.


Sunggyu didn't mind, allowing his friend to lie on his messy bed and offering a piece of cake his sister had made earlier.


As he sat down on the floor of his room, the only part of the room that wasn't littered with books and clothes, his pulse slowly accelerated. He had noticed that Woohyun couldn't stop admiring him.


Hyung,” Woohyun called, getting off the bed to stand beside Sunggyu. He seemed to hesitate on what he wanted to say, letting out a long breath. “Have you ever dated?”


“Why do you want to know?” Sunggyu cringed, feeling uncomfortable for a few seconds. Woohyun seemed to search for the right words to continue.


“Yesterday a girl declared herself to me,” he said, smiling awkwardly. Sunggyu's chest tightened slightly. So he preferred to look away. “I said I already liked someone else.”


The two fell into an awkward silence, feeding on their own insecurities. They were totally inexperienced in talking about emotions, although they were fully aware of what they felt.


None of them could disguise it. In the looks, smiles and long hugs, it was always so obvious. It was a little scary at first, but over time, Sunggyu began to appreciate the little touches, contenting himself with just that.


What the two of them felt for each other was always there and Sunggyu knew it from the first time he saw him. He didn't pull away when he noticed Woohyun approaching that night, bringing his lips together in a curious kiss, as if he wanted to experience Sunggyu's lips for the first time.


It had been a long, shy, awkward kiss, but it made Sunggyu's heart race completely. Woohyun supported his hand over his, intertwining their fingers. Sunggyu had imagined that moment so many times that it felt like one of his dreams.


When they pulled away, their eyes met for a few seconds. It didn't take long for Woohyun to approach him again, kissing him with a little more intensity.


Neither of them had kissed before, which left Sunggyu in doubt if he was doing it right, but Woohyun didn't pull away, enjoying the moment as much as he did.


As they walked away, the two looked absurdly embarrassed.


“Sorry if I didn't do it right…” Sunggyu said, looking away at the wall. “It's my first time.”


“No need to apologize, it's my first time too,” Woohyun muttered, also unable to hide his nervousness. “We can practice more if you want…”


Sunggyu nodded, giving a more reassuring smile. They laughed, still with their hands clasped. Sunggyu suggested they start playing Mario Kart that night and Woohyun agreed, eating some more cake. The two treated that moment as something natural and inevitable. Exactly like the relationship they had.




Notes: ¹I reduced the from 2 to 1 year


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