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25. "We can never be together" kiss







That had been the hardest part. For months, Woohyun tried to conform to the inevitable, but to no avail. They tried to run away, to confront everyone who wanted to push them away, even to beg their fate not to be so bad.


Still, there the two of them were, hiding in an old hut that some humans had abandoned. They knew it was only a matter of time before they were found.


Woohyun felt Sunggyu lean his head on his shoulder and even breathing felt more painful. I think He really hates me, thought Woohyun.


He held him tight, touching his long white wings with devotion, not wanting to pull away for a second. His whole body wanted to stay there for eternity. His eyes squeezed shut, again wondering what possibilities they had. A devil and an angel could never be happy together and they knew it.


“I've dreamed of our fate in another way,” Sunggyu commented, pulling away slowly just to face him. “Do you want to know what it would be like?”


The eyes were still apathetic, but Woohyun knew that Sunggyu was just as afraid as he was. As the centuries passed that they knew each other, he seemed to understand Sunggyu better. Before, when he thought he was too silly and rigid, Woohyun tried everything to and make him lose his composure. The demon just didn't expect to fall that far, and the fall was harder and more painful than he could have expected.


“I thought angels couldn't dream. I was almost sympathizing with you guys for that,” Woohyun commented, flashing a sarcastic smile, although Sunggyu didn't change his expression. Maybe he's used to me too.


“I can make predictions of futures that will or won't happen. Some humans call them dreams,” Sunggyu explained serenely. “In that dream… we were both human and we looked very happy.”


“And why do you think we'd be happy being human?” Woohyun asked, although his tone sounded more repulsive than sarcastic. “We are superior to them. Well, I'm a little more than you, obviously.” He teased, smiling as he saw Sunggyu almost roll his eyes, turning his attention to the window.


“They have free will, as well as the image and likeness of God,” Sunggyu explained, turning back to face him. He smiled, making Woohyun's heart flutter, the same way he always fluttered when he saw him smile. “I've already envied them for that. Because they are free to make decisions. And… for being able to be happy with the ones they love.”


Woohyun didn't respond, deciding to just pull him into his arms again. He felt Sunggyu lean his head on his shoulder, which made Woohyun's breathing lighten.


The demon didn't want to air his opinion about humans not being that lucky. In his eyes, they were pathetic and tried to destroy each other by any temptation Woohyun whispered in their ear.


Woohyun also kept his opinion of Him to himself, because he knew that Sunggyu was far more offended when Woohyun blasphemed God than when he tried to be sarcastic with him.


“I feel their energy stronger,” Sunggyu muttered, wrapping Woohyun's shoulders tighter. “They'll be here soon.”


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Woohyun asked, feeling him nod and brush his head against Woohyun's shoulder.


“I cannot allow you to be captured.”


“I'm not afraid. The punishments of the kingdom where I live are way scarier,” Woohyun said, giving him another sarcastic smile, hearing him sigh.


Even though he'd stopped pissing him off so much after long centuries in that relationship, it was hard not to try to at least a little bit.


“You won't just be punished and you know it,” Sunggyu said.


“I don't care about it.”


“But, I do.”


Woohyun didn't respond, pulling away so he could observe Sunggyu's phlegmatic expression. It was that false inexpressiveness that he fell in love with. As imminent as his end was, Woohyun wasn't afraid. It was worth every second.


He approached slowly, touching Sunggyu's icy lips with his. As he deepened the kiss, he felt Sunggyu's hands caressing his dark hair with a unique gentleness. Sunggyu couldn't avoid touching his horns and it brought an absurd peace to Woohyun. It felt so good to know that the being he would give his life for loved him just as much.


Please, Father… Sungggyu pleaded in thoughts. Let us have a different fate.


They were interrupted by the cabin door being forced open, with some archangels raising their swords.


“Surrender!” one of Sunggyu's superiors ordered.


Sunggyu pulled away, looking right into his eyes, as if reading everything Woohyun was thinking at that moment. His guilt, fear, and even the phrase the two of them had avoided speaking for all those centuries together. The angel's dark eyes began to become enlightened.


“I love you.”


The flash that erupted throughout the hut was so strong that some archangels backed away, trying to protect themselves. Those ahead were hit, being severely injured as Sunggyu self-destructed. Both he and the demon that embraced him became only light.


Woohyun opened his eyes, startled for a few seconds to see the brightness in the room. He frowned, sitting up slowly on the bed. It was just a dream…


His heart was still beating fast even when he realized he was at his boyfriend's house. The two had only been dating for two weeks and this was his first time there, so everything was a little new for Woohyun.


He got up slowly, still thinking about the strange dream he'd had. Everything was so real that his heart was still racing at the possibility that they had disappeared.


When he arrived in the kitchen, he smiled lighter. Woohyun really had the feeling of dating an angel. His boyfriend had said several times that he hated cooking and yet he prepared a delicious breakfast for the two of them.


Hyung,” called him, approaching slowly. It was strange that Sunggyu hadn't turned around, shaking his head slightly. “Are you listening to me?”


As he got closer, he noticed wireless headphones in his ears. Sunggyu didn't notice him, so Woohyun hugged him from behind, kissing his cheek. Sunggyu was surprised, turning his face towards him.


“Oh, Woohyunie… You're awake already.” Sunggyu smiled, putting the headphones away. “Did you sleep well?”


Woohyun nodded, pleased to see everything Sunggyu was preparing. The two had only been together for a few weeks and Woohyun already felt that he had found the love of his life. If he was religious, he might even believe they were soulmates. Or maybe I'm just too passionate.


“I had a dream about us,” Woohyun commented, resting his chin on Sunggyu's shoulder as he turned his attention to the food. His boyfriend smiled.


“Really? And how it was?”


“You were an angel,” Woohyun commented, making Sunggyu look at him curiously. “So I guess it wasn't a very realistic dream.”


He chuckled as Sunggyu elbowed him lightly in the chest. Even so, the two remained embraced, as if they needed nothing more than that.






Notes: When I wrote this one, it had a very sad ending, but before completing it, I thought it would be unfair for the last story to have a sad ending, so I made this little extra...
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who read!! it was so much fun writing and posting each story, i hope they can be a comfort to everyone who reads


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