The Grim Reaper's Promise

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Beyond the horizon and much further behind the clouds. Where stars burn up and void comes into being. Where suns are born and infinity finds its end and its beginning. Just there, right across the second galaxy, there lays the Never Realm.


It is full of emptiness. Humans would probably describe it as white. Perhaps the words bright and endless would also come to mind. But the right word actually is home. The home of all souls who have left and will leave earth. But not only souls find their resting place and new beginning there. The angels of death, Grim Reapers helpers and and Death itself also dwell in this place.


And they all have one thing in common. They are waiting for their next life to come, to spend it with their soul mate.





Special thanks to the talented @gojiyeong who created the wonderful cover for me (once again)


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