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Bluffing their way through a fake relationship seems like a breeze to Park Chaeyoung, Queen of Avalon, and Bae Joohyun, Princess of Avalon, when they find themselves two years into their marriage and on their way to becoming first time parents. With the whole world watching, and a family that's still trying to meddle in their business, things are never easy, let alone with pregnancy thrown into the mix. Being rich and royal has its perks, but motherhood isn't one they can buy and bribe their way out of like their old problems. Learning how to become a parent is never easy, and their hectic lives brings its own issues too. They're about to learn that conquering motherhood is a lot harder than conquering the task of ruling a country.


Hi! I am back with the convert story of the part two of what my friend labelled as "she is a queen, her soul is royalty" series! :) I hope you enjoy this as much as Let Me Be Your Ruler :) There will be more surprises in store and more rollercoaster ride of emotions! And more fun with our new favorite pairing, Renesé! So go fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride! :D

Also, please do comment if the names gets confusing because there are a lot of characters on this fic (and also LMBYR) that I literally asked my friend why there were a lot of characters on her fic that I had to google up Korean names I can use as replacement on her characters >.< 


**All credits of this story goes to the original writer, lostariels from AO3 :) 

P.S. If anyone has an issue regarding the permission to convert and re-publish this fic, lostariels is open for DMs on twitter to answer your queries. Please also respect her social media space as she is also a private person and has a personal life outside her writer self. Thank you! 

Why does it feels like I have one reader 😅 Special shoutout to Crazy_Reader for your nonstop comments 😄
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