A bittersweet feeling

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Joohyun closed her eyes and took a deep breath before releasing it slowly. 


"Are you okay, unnie?" 


Joohyun opened her eyes and turned to the voice. She saw her friend Seungwan looking at her worriedly.


She smiled. "Yeah. I'm just a bit nervous. It's our first major client after all. I hope I don't screw this up"


Seungwan was still unconvinced. "Unnie, if you're not ready we coul-"


"No. It's fine. I'll be fine. Don't worry" Joohyun reassured her friend.


"Unnie, I-" 


"Wan, I'm fine. It's been years already. I'm over it" Joohyun smiled, but she couldn't stop her tears from flowing down her cheeks.


Seungwan quickly hugged the older girl. "It's okay unnie. Just cry it out"


Joohyun gripped Seungwan's shirt and cried. "I thought I'm already over her, but I'm not. I still love her"








First of all please don't expect much from me. I'm not a good writer. 


Second, I don't know if I could finish this, but I'll try. 


Third, you might not like Seulgi's character here.

I'm already warning you before you try reading this.



That's all. Thank you for reading.



I really hate myself for doing this lmao
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