I Will Always Choose You


A CEO Choi Yujin X Model Xiaoting fanfic. Enjoy!

Inspired by the quote:

"Because I choose you. I will keep choosing you every single day for the rest of our lives. I’m serious. If you ever try to leave me, I’m coming with you."


Top Model Xiaoting and CEO Yujin have been dating secretly for a few years now. All is well until trouble starts finding their way. 

With Xiaoting embroiled in scandal and Yujin in the middle of a fight of succesion, both risking their lives and reputation, will they be able to keep their relationship a secret or will other forces pull them apart?

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update. I kept expanding the ending. I hope it was worth the wait! Thanks so much for following this story and for your kind comments and upvotes. Hope to catch you next time!
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