Cheer Up, Baby

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Kim Yongsun the captain of cheerleader thought hard on how to make the basketball ace Moon Byulyi back in the mood. The game was in a month and everyone could see the ace was lacking spirit. Couldn't take a chance of losing, Yongsun invited the ace to a one-say trip of healing.




The captain of the cheerleader snatched the megaphone from her junior Ahn Hyejin and shouted. "Moon Byulyi! Go! Go! Go!"

It seemed to make Byulyi aware because the handsome girl glanced at the bench area and a small smirk emerged on her flawless face. But the smile soon disappeared as if she remembered something unpleasant. She kept on playing even though she didn't seem to be in the game.


So, this is from what I twitted on my account when Moonsun photo was realeased. I guess... enjoy? hehehe. Please note that this is impromptu and I don't really proofread. I wrote this to join the fun of Moonsun unit!! hehehe.

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