MDNI. Looking for AU plotting partners!


Calling all writers who like dark plotting! It's been a while since I've written some good AU plots and I would really like to bring it back. There is an option for casual chatting too if you are interested! So that you don't have to scroll for it, I accept both male and female fc for both choices!

About me

- OOC is , gmt -8, but I can stay up just for you <3

- fc is either Le Sserafim Sakura or Black Pink Jennie. Sorry friends but these two are my most comfortable fc.

- platform is only kkt and discord for now. Discord is preferred for plotting since we can have multiple channels for multiple plots (if you wish to have more than one plot at a time)


- I do prefer discussing more about this in PMs. Since there are many areas I want to cover privately before diving into it.

- AU or Non-AU is both accepted

- I write in 3rd POV para, mirror most of the time.

- is NOT NECESSARY. I'd rather let it naturally come rather than have a whole plot that focuses purely on it.

- replies for plotting will take time, meaning it will be slightly because I do value quality over quantity.

- Themes/Setting: 

Angel/Demon, Arranged Marriage, Blind Date, Bodyguard, Boss/Employee, Bounty Hunter, Club, College, Enemies/Rival, Ex, Forbidden love, Historical, Kidnapped, Mafia, Master/Slave, Royalty, Harem


- I'm not looking for any OOC relationships, please respect that. I am NSA and ok with multiple partners IC. If something happens between our muses then yay? I'm mainly looking for friends to chat with. Whatever comes with it is just a plus.

- Mixing IC and OOC is alright for casual, I don't mind. In a way that's easier for me to warm up to you and vice versa! But once again, when it comes to relationships and such please keep it IC!

- I do game but I so I'm not gonna list that as a possible option, I do plato tho!

- I'm 90% sure I can keep you happy because my reply rate is FAST. Don't trust me? Try it out for yourself and leave a review.

- Weird flex but I can be your personal therapist, your flirty best friend and your cudly girlfriend all at once.


- I'd be lying if I said I'm not looking for specific fc, but if your main fc is not in the list below then IT'S OK I'll still love you the same. It's preference, not requirement.

- my only requirement is for you and your fc to be of age. fc has to be at least born before 2004. Meaning anyone born in 2003 is the cut off. It just feels weird and make me feel old-

Male FC: BTS (any), Monsta X (Hyungwon, IM), Ateez (Seonghwa, Wooyoung, San), Enhypen (Sunghoon, Jake, Jay, Heesung), TXT (Yeonjun, Soobin)

Female FC: BlackPink (Any), ITZY (Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong), Le Sserafim (Chaewon, Kazuha, Yunjin)


If you are interested at all (even a little bit) please go ahead and dm me

- which girls you would like to be your boo thang

- if you would rather casual or plotting

- your id (and please specify discord or kkt)

and I will get back to you asap!


I'm selling myself for friends at this point so please skim through!

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