Short One Shots Collection aka Fic Dumpster

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A compilation of my stories or scenes that didn't make it to the final cut.


I have been receiving private messages and comments on my other stories saying "what the fck why would you do this" or "why would you even write about seungri" or "nyongtory is a dead ship". Let me just begin by saying, me writing these fics do not mean that I am still hoping that they are real and I hope they marry no one but each other. That was true in the beginning but now I don't really care that much. If they ended being real and is together, good for them but if they don't, good for them too. I am not doing this to convince you that they are real. I do this because it's a way for me to help and make it easy for people to stay and wait for Ri. Please, in no way do I intend to disrespect or belittle Seungri's case. I know people are slowly leaving but if I could help make someone's wait easier and more bearable, I would already be glad. 

Again, if this is not your cup of tea or you don't ship/like them, you don't have to read this or any nyongtory fics for the matter. Nobody is forcing you. You are in here to read fics about your fav, just like me and my readers so why not just keep doing that instead of going around cursing at me?

Ps, I know those people are just haters/trolls since they aren't subscribe to any of of stories. 

I hope I don't came out too harsh, it just frustrates me when I open this app and see people cursing at my works that I worked hard on. Again, if any of my story is deemed disrespectful, please let me know. Thank you.

I hope me posting this doesn't seem insensitive with what happened in sk. If it does, let me know and I'll take it down and post it another day
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