a picture to say "forever" ❥ sinrin


hwang eunbi had a camera, jung yerin was her muse.

wherein eunbi is a rather 'obscure' student at seoul arts high school; the epitome of introversion. but if she was known for one thing, it was her photography.

meeting yerin felt destined, but sometimes she wished it wasn't.


how could one live in such a cruel, dull, and lifeless world? everyone was either arguing about gas prices, human rights, or salary raises. whether you were in school, had a job, or retired... you had to have a problem one way or another.


simple, you find an escape. illiterately, of course; you can't go flying off into outer space just because you feel like it.


as for a certain girl, her escape was photography. in a world where everything seemed black and white, her work somehow managed to make everything seem bright and colorful.


hwang eunbi; sixteen years old, introverted, in second-year high school, and seoul arts high school's 'photography painter'.


why 'photography painter' you may ask? well, as mentioned before, she had the powers to bring color into her photos despite her subjects looking almost colorless, as if the life had been out of them and escorted to the other side by the grim reaper.


eunbi was shocked at herself as well, she wasn't your 'talkative, bubbly, social butterfly' girl. in fact, she was the complete opposite.


"camera, check. tripod, check. flash, check. camera bag- what the hell?" her eyes wandered around her bedroom, in search for the said item. "eomma! have you seen my camera bag?"


"if you would use your eyes instead of your mouth, you'd know it's under your desk!" eunbi's mother yelled from downstairs, how typical.


but she wasn't wrong, the camera bag was indeed under eunbi's study desk. it's always astonishing how something could be completely gone but as soon a mother tells you where it is, it suddenly appears. magic? possibly.


a few moments later, eunbi finished setting up her camera and school bags. it was time to head downstairs so her mother could drive her to school. but before she could do that, she spotted two birds sat on the tree by her window.


it was fall season in south korea — the summertime sunshine was nowhere to be seen, the leaves were orange instead of green, but the view was something beyond serene.


with the sun rising and leaves falling, eunbi found it a perfect moment to capture. as she was rushing to take out her camera, the birds fortune stayed in place. 


whir... and click! perfect.


to hwang eunbi, photography wasn't just 'making something look appealing.' it had meaning behind it. photography was a form of art, it literally meant 'drawing with light.'


the word itself is derived from the greek word 'photo' which meant light and graph, and to draw.


so every photo, every film, and every shot was valuable to eunbi.


like it was a picture to say "forever"




heyo! i'm back with a new story while the other one is a bit on hold :'D i hope you like this one! i'm trying out a new writing style too but who cares- stay tuned for the first chapter!<3

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