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spill the tea ;
spill the tea ;
hello and welcome to spill the tea!
— a kpop roleplay opinion blog.
do you need to rant, vent, share an experience or an opinion about the kpop roleplay community? well, you've come to the right place, spill the tea here!

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— all asks or submissions are anonymous.
— roleplay names, mun names, aliases, etc. will all be censored to avoid hate being pinpointed toward a specific roleplay or individual.
— asks or submissions that contain personal information will not be posted.
— asks or submissions that are discriminatory in any form will not be posted, this shouldn't have to be explained.
— we reserve the right not to post any asks or submissions that are toxic, cause discomfort, or are repetitive.
— if anyone would like to submit screenshots to clarify a situation or as a way to provide proof/receipts, they can be sent in through the "submit" link. we ask that you censor out any personal information before sending in screenshots otherwise it will not be posted.
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