Rival´s Dance

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Yeosang´s dance academy qualified for the National Dance Competition. The only other dancer who could participate with him is Seonghwa, an old childhood´s friend, but they no longer get along. Will they manage to dance together and win the Competition...?


Rival´s Dance




Kang Yeosang is a student at the Academy of Dance and Singing. When the university's academy is invited to a national dance competition, they can only participate if the "duo" category is filled, and Yeosang is by far the best dancer. The only one who can match him is Park Seonghwa, an old childhood friend of Yeosang's who dances in the same academy. Since a certain incident, the two don't get along at all, but to win the competition, they have to dance together. Will they be able to put their pride aside to win the competition, or is it already lost before it has even begun...?









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