I miss plotting, do you? (Still open)


Hello, this is an ad for freelance rp. Check for more details : )



Well it's certainly been awhile since I looked for new rp partners, but I'll try to keep this short and straight to the point. 


  • I only write straight pairings, and I prefer to be the female right now. With that being said though I can play the male role but I'll be honest when I say my muse for writing guys doesn't last very long. 
  • Faceclaims include: Aespa's Karina, Ningning, XG's Harvey, Itzy's Yuna, Ig Model Kathy Zheng @kathyyymm , Monsta X's I.M, Kard's BM. 
  • Literate, para. If you're not a multi para writer than this ad isn't for you. I put a lot of effort into my replies and I don't appreciate half assed responses in return. 
  • AU only. My favorites are angst, dark angst, taboo themes, crime, things of that nature. is welcome as well as romance of course but as usual, no minors. 
  • I prefer active partners so if you can't provide a response at least once a day or every other day, please look elsewhere. If you're consistent but something comes up so you're unable to reply for awhile that's fine just please keep me in the loop. No ghosting. 
  • My only platforms are KKT and Line. I will not try others so please don't ask. I've tried them all and these two are best suited for me. 
  • Disclaimer: I'm not interested in being best friends ooc. That sounds harsh, I'd just rather keep the ooc talk to a minimum. If it's not about the plot or you availability, I really don't want to get too personal. 


If you've found interest in this, please send me a message here on aff with the following included. Yes, please actually send me the details requested so I can get back to you quicker. Your faceclaim, my faceclaim, kkt or line ID, plot prefrences. 



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