Ch. 10

Wed Game


Wed Game hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already tired of it. I’m tired of the media appearance, the interviews, the paparazzi. I’m tired of having to brainstorm ideas with the company employees and pretend to take the game seriously.

All 200 contestants have signed the legal documents and have been transported to the island where Wed Game would take place. The island’s a nice place, but it’s very dense with trees and is crawling with insects. I can hardly wait to get off it.

To get the island ready for the game, they had to tear down some of the trees to create a clearing. They built eight dorm buildings, a large hall, a cafeteria, and an office for the crew. My residence is attached to the office building.

When I first visited the island and saw how quickly everything was built and how much was being invested into this game, I was a little surprised to be honest. Like damn, they’re taking this seriously.

Meanwhile, only I know that this is all a ruse.

I’d like to think that all of this money is like an investment into my future with Chaeyoung. I’d like her to look at this island and everything on it – and realize that it’s all for her sake. She’s worth all of this and more. I hope she feels good about it, but knowing her, I think she’ll just be overwhelmed and looking forward to the end of it.


Well, Wed Game has officially began. The first day is orientation, where I stand on on a newly built outdoor stage and address all the contestants.

When I come up on the stage, I am immediately greeted with loud applause that nearly bursts my eardrums. People cheer and yell and whistle for me. I hear a girl say that I’m hot. I hear another ask me to marry her.

The kissing up has already begun!

I’m not gonna lie though; I enjoy the attention and the cheers. It brightens my spirits and gives me a kind of happy buzz.

When I make it to the podium, I look out onto the crowd, a crowd that both Chaeyoung and I handpicked. They’re all sitting on benches in front of the stage. All of them are in their green uniforms similar to those in Squid Game.

I scan the audience to see if I can spot Chaeyoung. Yesterday, I gave her a unique, one-of-a-kind uniform. It’s still green but a slightly lighter shade of green than all the rest. It’s hardly noticeable to the eye, but among a sea of the exact same green, this uniform will stick out. My idea is that it will work on a subconscious level in the brains of all the viewers.My Chaeyoung will literally stand out in the eyes of all the viewers.

But I don’t spot her immediately. I wonder if she’s sitting in the back to be conspicuous. That sounds a lot like her.

I clear my throat and begin reading my pre-prepared speech from the cue cards in my hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen of Wed Game! Welcome to what will probably be the biggest marriage game show in history!”

More cheers erupt from the audience, which tugs a smile at my lips.

This is more fun than I thought it would be.

“I’m so excited to be here today with all of you beautiful people. One of you will be my future spouse and stand by my side for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to find out which of you it will be.”

The cheers grow louder.

“Now, before we begin, we need to make sure everyone is settled in their dorms. There are 200 of you, and eight dorm buildings down that road toward the clearing, so 25 to each house. You can divide however you want. You see the employees wearing red track suits? They will help guide and divide you.”

I take another gander at the audience, trying to find Chaeyoung. I finally spot her sitting to the side. I smile at her. I see her smile back. Then I go back to my notes.

“Before you go your separate ways, there are a few safety rules we have to go through:

‘One. Curfew is at eight. Everyone should be at their assigned dorms by eight or they risk disqualification.

‘Two. There are cameras and recording devices all over the island and the buildings, except the bathrooms. If any unbecoming behavior is detected on the cameras, including physical violence, ual encounters, or otherwise, it will result in immediate disqualification.

‘Four. Do not leave the paths or venture off the clearing and into the forests on the island. The island is home to dangerous ticks that live in the shrubbery that could cause sickness and poisoning if they bite you. To protect yourself from these ticks, stay in the clearings and the paths and wear long sleeves at all times. If you notice a tick in your skin, report to one of the admin staff in red immediately for emergency medical care.

‘Five. The admin staff are your friends. Talk to them if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need to report anything. We want you to feel safe.

‘That’s all I have for you now. I will visit each dorm throughout the day. For now, get settled and comfortable in your dorms. I look forward to getting to know everyone!”

With that, I take a bow and exit the stage to the sound of loud cheers and whistles.

I turn my head toward where Chaeyoung is, but instead my eyes catch something else: a girl throwing her fist into another contestant’s face.


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