Ch 1

Wed Game


Another day, another annoying customer at my chicken delivery job. This one claims he paid for his food on the "app."

There is no app!

I refuse to give him his food until he pays me, but he gets violent. He tries to grab my wrists and pry the food out of my fingers, but I manage to kick him in the balls before turning on my heel and going back to my bike with the food.

He yells after me, telling me he's going to get me fired and report me to the police for harassment, but I just roll my eyes and trudge away.

The food is only like $5 in the end. It's really not worth getting into a fight over. Not worth getting yelled at by the restaurant manager for the third time this week about how I have to be more "polite" to customers. But whatever. that. I'm not going to let entitled people get the best of me, even if I have to put up a fight for cheap chicken.

When I return to the restaurant and throw the unclaimed back of chicken over the counter, Mingyu raises an eyebrow from behind the register.

" refused to pay," I explain. Mingyu laughs out loud. He always finds it funny how I'm always the one who ends up delivering to ty customers.

"What can I say, you always attract the s," Mingyu snorts.

"You mean you?" I bite back.

Mingyu smiles at that. "Touché. You got me there."

I go about unpacking the food. Since it's already been packaged, I can't resell the food, so I might as well just eat it. The boss would hate that, but he's not going to find out, and Mingyu isn't going to tell him either.

Plus, I'm starving. I haven't eaten in over 24 hours, too busy trying to pass school, deliver chicken, run household errands, and care for my ailing sister.

"You're hot when you eat chicken," he tells me, a smirk playing on his lips.

I grunt. I know he's only saying that so that I feel self-conscious enough to hold back, but I'm not going to give him the satisfaction. I take a bite out of a saucy drumstick with unladylike fervor, and he laughs.

How can someone so irritating be so hot at the same time? The beauty of his face annoys me to no end, because it makes me softer than I care to admit. Something about him makes me want to drag him into the storage room and make out with him until I'm numb.

I first met him on this job a few months ago and was instantly attracted to him. He looked like a model, so naturally my hormones flared. At one point he noticed me staring, and somehow we ended up kissing in the freezer room surrounded by frozen chicken carcasses. That's about as romantic as our association gets.

It's weird and complicated and I don't know how to explain it to the people who ask me. Like we're not boyfriend-girlfriend, because those labels are cringey as , but we're also not just friends because friends don't make out. My sister suggested "friends with benefits" but that's also cringey. Plus, we've never gone beyond second base.

As much as I think about us doing the deed with all the chicken carcasses looking over us, and as much as he's egged me on about it, it just doesn't feel right. I don't want to lose my ity to some hot guy in the chicken freezer. Call me corny, but I kind of want someone who actually cares about me beyond nice s and a hole he can stick it to. And honestly, I don't think Mingyu cares about me that much at all.

"You eat weird," he says, laughing as he watches me chew in the weird way that I do. I chew slow and careful, keep my lips sealed, and use my tongue to maneuver the food before every bite.

If he really did care about me, he'd know why I chew like that, and wouldn't laugh about it.

"It's because of my teeth," I say.

"What's wrong with your teeth?"

I roll my eyes. I've told him about it so many times before: when he offered me gummy candies and I refused, when he asked me why I hold my jaw, even when he held my chin too rough during a make-out session. He just doesn't care about me enough to remember it.

My gums have been infected and swollen ever since my wisdom teeth came out in this weird angle a couple of months back. I've been in constant pain since then, and no home remedy has helped. I can't chew properly, and have to chew my food away from my wisdom teeth, hence my giraffe-like mastication habits.

"Wisdom teeth pain," I answer him, wanting to get this conversation over and done with.

"Well then, you go to the dentist and get that checked out," he says nonchalantly, proving once again just how little he knows me.

"Can't afford it," I tell him before taking another bite from my chicken.



A/N: Hello everyone! I wonder if  you guys even still remember me after my long hiatus haha.  Well, I'm back better than ever with a cool new story. Note that I don't know what my positing schedule will be like with this one, but I will try to get something at least once a week. I also haven't really outlined this story very much unlike my previous works. I'm making a lot of this own up as I go along so bear with me if it feels inconsistent or something lol. But I'm so excited to share this and I really hope you like it!!


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