One-Shot : If you really, really love me 3


Really is a song that Jennie loves ! She loves the rhythm, she loves the lyrics and above all, she loves her routine with Rosie. But what if one night, in front of 50.000 spectators, the routine between her and Rosie became too intense ?


Hello everyone ! 🖐 For the first time in my life, I'm trying to write about another band: Blackpink. I've written a lot of fanfics (and still have some to finish). But never on Blackpink, I wanted to try and celebrate their comeback.

A little somethin before you read this fanfic : I am not an expert in Blackpink. I know a few things about them but I'd rather listen to their music than know all the information about their group. Also, I know that Chaennie is not the most popular ship in BP. I do not care. It's the ship that speaks to me the most. So if you don't like. Sorry babe.
I still hope that you will give this oneshot (in two parts) a chance. I am not English by birth. But I will try very hard. See you soon for the second part if you are interested ! Lots of love readers.

Part two (and normally the final of if you really, really loves me) has just arrived ! It's hot and out of the oven ha ha. Hope you like it, Blinks. Feel free to send love to this fanfic.
Lots of love ,
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