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Jongin's a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, so it just makes sense that he'd end up wielding the interdimensional Heart wand as a guardian of the sun. And by what seems like fate, he ends up meeting another guardian named Kyungsoo who has the brightest heart-shaped smile and a way of making his heart flutter.


Featuring Kaisoo as magical superheroes who partner up to save the world~

Hey hey, so I'm back with another Kaisoo fic--a long fic to be exact lol! Dunno what I should make the posting schedule be right now but just know that I already have some chapters written that I just gotta edit a bit more. Oh and this fic is inspired by Sailor Moon, with some references to it too! It's one of the first anime I've ever watched and once I watched it, I knew I'd forever be love with the magical girl and sentai genre~ <3


Here are some more completed Kaisoo fics of mine btw:


Perfectly Cheesy--A fluffy au where they're teens crushing hard on each other.

Universal Stardust--A sci-fi fantasy where Jongin's a half-human dryad and Kyungsoo's a 'secret' lol who both work at a star-making factory.

Time for Confession--A college!AU where they participate in a relay race and Jongin plans to confess to Kyungsoo at the after-party.

Crêpe Craving--A fluffy au where Kyungsoo ends up falling for Jongin who works at his local crêperie.

Couple Vibes--A fakedating!AU where Kyungsoo asks Jongin to be his fake boyfriend for a day to mess with their friends.

Washed Ashore--A mermaid!AU where Jongin gets washed ashore and Kyungsoo finds him.

The Rose Burglar--A secret admirer!AU where Jongin receives a rose from 'someone' on Valentine's Day.

Just My Type--A vampirehunter!AU where Kyungsoo hunts vampires and meets an unusual vampire named Jongin.


Hope you all like this~! Also, this is crossposted onto my AO3!


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