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alien alien - nayutalien (8-bit remix)
1 week pop-up
alien, i'm your alien
your heart pulling against mine can't runaway
i'll give you an un-experience
'til the end of the other-world
heart throbbing, love
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one. subscribing is mandatory. upvotes are greatly appreciated!
two. supernova is a 15+ closed sfw rp. only those 15 and above may join. in addition to this rule, we will expect all novas to include their in character and ooc age in their bio, or have it on a pinned tweet with their ooc info underneath.
three. interactions with outsiders is prohibited & everyone is limited to one account.
four. no drama will be tolerated whether it is ic or ooc. this includes facechasing and selective replies. please be respectful towards other novas!
five. love is love! there is no dating ban in supernova. however, we will not tolerate big age gaps.

six. remember to use cw or tw tags when needed. we want to create a safe space for all novas. on this note, all ual topics are banned due to this roleplay being sfw.

seven. tcc & ccs are unlimited but you need at least 24h between characters. tccs lasts up for 48h. if you're on a tcc and someone reserves  for your faceclaim, you will be asked to switch back to your original faceclaim.
eight. keep ooc talk to a minimum. supernova will be ic based. conversation about anime, games, and other potential fourth-wall breaks on the timeline should be kept to a minimum and in brackets.
nine. any type of hiatus is not allowed. we're only around for 14 days. 48h of inactivity results in a kick, however there is no limit to re-reservations. the password is your favorite arcade game.
ten. dm us for assistance! if there are any troubles, please dm an admin or dm the base! we're always willing to lend a helping hand. this includes help with unverification, (t)ccs, dating & any of your troubles.
one. please make sure you've subscribed and read all the rules before joining.

two. check the masterlist for availability and comment down your desired faceclaim in the comments. you may reserve for one other person.
three. reminder: only characters the age of 15 and older are allowed. banned faceclaims include vtubers and anthropomorphic characters (i.e. beastars)
four. once accepted, you will have 48h to make your account. recycled accounts are allowed as long as they're completely clean! please refrain from using special fonts that cannot be picked up by screen readers.
five. the username format is @namenova or @novaname in all lowercase. shortened variations of names are allowed, but refrain from using initials.
six. put supernova somewhere in your bio, as well as ic and ooc age. you may have a pinned tweet with ooc info (age, pronouns, etc.) underneath.
seven. follow @supernovabase and everyone else, then mention to get verified! if not verified within 15 minutes, you may go ahead and interact with the other novas.
eight. reach 50 tweets within 24h upon arrival to stay with us. 
nine. see you soon!

age (ic/ooc)
admin taken reserved00

attack on titan: levi
bandori: sayo
chainsaw man: aki angeldevil denji makima mitaka power reze yoshida
demon slayer: rengoku shinobu09
ensemble stars: adonis chiaki kaoru koga rei rinne
genshin impact: arlecchino ayaka ayato heizou hutao itto kazuha raidenei tartaglia thoma yaemiko yanfei yoimiya
gintama: hijikata
haikyuu: kenma
honkai impact: aponia elysia
jujutsu kaisen: geto gojo nobara
kakegurui: yumeko
milgram: mikoto
omori: aubrey sunny
persona: joker
project sekai: tsukasa
sk8 the infinity: cherry joe
spy x family: loid yor
tokyo revengers: izana kokonoi ran rindou yuzuha
twisted wonderland: vil
valorant: chamber jett sage
age (IC/OOC):
chamber wishes for valorant esp sentinels, apex legends' wattson, final fantasy, anyone and everyone!

kenma wishes for more demon slayer, attack on titan, one piece's nami, fruits basket, and spy x family!

rengoku wishes for more demon slayer and clamp!

ran wishes for more tokyo revengers!

sayo wishes for project sekai, bandori, and enstars!

yuzuha wishes for tokyo revenger's mikey, mitsuya, hakkai, taiju, haikyuu's atsumu and oikawa!

makima wishes for kiana!

denji wishes for csm's makima, haikyuu's kenma, zero two and enstars' tori himemiya!

angel devil wishes for more tokyo revengers!

power wishes for sakamoto day's nagumo and osaragi, and haikyuu's tsukishima kei!

ayaka wishes for the members of MANTA, FYA'M' and lil happy!

vil wishes for twst boys!

rinne wishes for valorant esp neon and phoenix!

heizou & asa
elysia & yoimiya
yor & loid
hello novas! we are NOW OPEN!
we look forward to seeing everyone there. <3
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