Devil May Love

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"There is nothing between you and I but air and the fear in your heart." Grey Colson.


In which one of the most widely and unfavorably known criminals turns himself in after a fateful event asking for a normal civilian life in exchange for ratting out South Korea's biggest crime syndicates. Seo Raon, a rookie detective from the Organized Crimes Unit, found herself stuck with him once he's put under witness protection program with the mission of ensuring his safety and protecting him by any means.

It took Raon more than handcuffs, crazy criminals and pain in the to realize that Byun Baekhyun was one hell of a charming psychopath when they were forced to tolerate each other and live under the same roof, much to her bad luck.




Byun Baekhyun, criminal (33)

Seo Raon, detective (26)

I had this story idea a few weeks ago but I published it now because I needed to request for a poster lol it might sound cliche but I've always wanted to try writing this trope! Besides, it's my first time writing an (kind of) angst free fic.

Exo members will be introduced here! But remember, I only use their names/images to create my inspiration for my fics! I don't own them. This is purely fictional and every character/event here is from my own imagination :) 

DON'T steal any idea/scene/dialogue! I work really hard to write and put down my thoughts! Please don't steal or copy any of my works! Create your own plots and work hard to deliver them instead of stealing other people's work!

I don't allow translations! Especially if you don't ask for my permission first! Do ask me if you want to translate this fic! We can always talk and figure everything out :)

Main (amazing, wonderful, gorgeous) poster is made by my friend dreamshun!

Other poster gifted by my reader Baebae1485 :D

I've got another cute gift made by my friend Moon-Walker!





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