Highway to hell

Clever like the devil, but twice as pretty.

“Choi is getting ready to move, boss,” Baekhyun informs, facing Kyungsoo as he shoves his phone back into his pocket. They’ve been monitoring his every move after what he pulled the day before. He’s not surprised Choi’s leaving. He knows what’s coming for him. Kyungsoo doesn’t say anything. Instead, he nods. Eyes not leaving Jongin’s pale figure.

He left the day before to take care of things and work up a plan. He knew he wouldn’t have a lot of time. However, there was nothing on this earth that could stop him from coming back and checking in on them.

Kai finally gave in and fell asleep on the couch by the window, and Jongin was still unconscious from all the medication he was on. Kyungsoo’s fingers brush his hair out of his forehead and a heavy sigh escapes his lips. If he could take it all back…

“Let me know when everything's set… I want to return the favor.” Kyungsoo then says, realizing he’s been silent for too long. “Tell Youngmin and get everyone ready.”

Baekhyun nods. “Yes, sir.” He sighs, glancing at Kai and Jongin. “Are you three going to be okay?”

“I think so…” Kyungsoo caresses Jongin’s cheek. “I haven’t been able to tell Jongin I’m sorry.”

“You’ll get a chance, don’t worry.”

The problem was he almost didn't get that chance.

Kyungsoo nods as Baekhyun leaves. Looking at how tired Kai is, he can tell the two worked hard to clear their names. He doesn’t want to think about what would’ve happened if they gave up. If he never listened. Although, that’s what makes them special. They don’t just give up easily.

He notices Kai moving from the corner of his eye. The man stretches and yawns when he opens his eyes. They land on Kyungsoo as he massages the back of his neck. Kai’s smile is almost instant.

“Good... morning?”

Kyungsoo chuckles. “Good afternoon. Had a good sleep?”

Kai nods. “I think so… what is good sleep nowadays?”

“I feel that.” Kyungsoo shakes his head. “I might be gone for a while taking care of things, but I’ll let you know when we have him, so you can thank him personally.”

Kai’s eyes lose their sparkle as a darker stare settles. “Are you sure you don’t want me there?”

Kyungsoo stands from his seat, walking towards him and pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “Like I said. You’ve done enough. Let me handle him.”

Kai nods, although Kyungsoo can tell he’s not convinced. Neither of them is the type to let him do something dangerous on his own. “Be careful.”

Kyungsoo smiles. He really missed this. “Don’t worry. He’s not getting away with this.”

Baekhyun comes back inside, knocking on the door gently. “Boss.”

“I’ll see you later.” Kyungsoo nods, patting Kai’s cheek affectionately.

“You better, or I’ll be very mad.”

Kyungsoo chuckles. “Promise.”

The plan is simple.

Keeping an eye on Choi is essential. He wouldn’t waste time trying to leave the city, which in Kyungsoo’s opinion would be irrelevant. Wherever he goes, they’ll find him. Knowing that they would be out to get him, the smartest way out was to leave until things cooled off. However, if he expects any of them to let it go, he’s wrong.

Very wrong.

Baekhyun ends the call he has been in for the past ten minutes. Just because they had almost every man getting ready to go after Choi, it didn’t mean it would be easy or quick. He sighs as he stands in front of Kyungsoo’s office, pondering on what their next move should be. A few minutes later, he opens the door and walks in, finding his boss and Jongdae discussing feasible plans.

Kyungsoo is sitting behind his desk, expressionless as he listens to what Jongdae is saying.

“Cars are ready,” Baekhyun informs.

Kyungsoo nods and turns to Jongdae again. “Get everyone in position, then.”

“I’ve been informed there are two possible targets with an on the move.” Baekhyun sighs. “One of them is possibly a decoy.”

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow. “Is he that scared?”

“He’s not dumb.” Baekhyun then shrugs.

Kyungsoo remains silent as he ponders his options here. He can hit both targets without a problem. Once one of them is confirmed as the decoy, he could easily just target the other one. However, time would be the biggest factor playing against him.

Heavy footsteps break the silence as they approach the office. The door opens to reveal none other than Kim Kai standing behind it, with Chanyeol on his heel.

Kyungsoo frowns when he sees him. He thought they agreed he would stay with Jongin. “What are you doing here, Kim?”

Kai smirks. “Well, Mr. Do. I had some time to think about it… around like ten minutes after you left and realized I didn’t want to miss on the fun chase.”

Kyungsoo sighs, rubbing his temples.

“I won’t do much. I’ll sit back to watch you.” Kai shrugs with a smile. “Although I thought you might need more people.” he gestures at Chanyeol, who simply nods.

“Alright then,” Kyungsoo shakes his head. This man is unbelievably stubborn. “I don’t think I can make you sit this one out even if I tried.”

Kai laughs. “You know me well.”

Baekhyun exhales, shifting his weight as he locks eyes with Chanyeol in the back. For the first time, the other man doesn’t look away. Probably because they’re thinking the same thing. The thirst for blood in Chanyeol’s eyes makes Baekhyun chuckle.

“So, what’s the plan?” Kai asks, sitting on a chair. A leg crossing over the other casually.

“They set up a decoy, apparently,” Kyungsoo replies. The way the gears in his mind are working is clear in his eyes.

“They will probably have different destinations, trying to trick us,” Baekhyun adds.

Kai nods, as he analyzes the situation. “Let’s set up three teams, then.”

Baekhyun’s forehead wrinkles. “Three?”

“Yes, you won’t regret it.” Kai grins.

Jongdae pulls out his phone. “You think both are decoys?”

“Don’t you think you got that information too easy?” Kai shrugs.

The rest of them exchange a look.

Kyungsoo then stands up. “Alright then, let’s get to work.”

“Let’s have Chanyeol drive a car, I’m sure it’ll be a show,” Kai says, as he does the same.

“I call shotgun then.” Baekhyun quickly adds, turning to the man in question.

Chanyeol responds with a raised eyebrow. “You have been warned.” Is all he says as he walks away.

Kai offers Kyungsoo a hand, which the other takes without hesitation.

“Revenge looks great on you, Mr. Do,” Kai says.

Kyungsoo chuckles. “Wait until you see how victory looks on me, then.”


Kyungsoo and Kai sit in the car as they wait. It isn’t long until they get confirmation that one of the targets was indeed a decoy. Choi probably thinks they’ll get impatient and make a mistake, however the thing that Kyungsoo knows how to do the most is waiting.

They sit there for another thirty minutes. They located a strategic spot a few streets away from Choi’s place. Having people on the lookout to keep them updated. It isn’t long until they’re informed that the second target was done as well.

It was a distraction, too.

“Just as you thought.” Kyungsoo says, glancing at Kai, who just nods. He thought they would rush over to hit the first cars in hopes of getting him and would miss the inconspicuous one he was in. “He’s in for a surprise, then.”

Just then, Sehun gets intel on the car Choi gets in. The brand, license plate, and direction its heading. The now dark streets illuminate with the headlights of a new car approaching. The car drives into the streets with just one other car following behind. Heading into the night.

Kai smiles. “There he is.”

Kyungsoo has Sehun follow the other car until they’re getting onto the highway. The black cars take the nearest exit, heading outside of the city. He sighs when they leave the city lights behind.

“What now, boss?” Jongdae turns on the passenger seat.

“Pressure them to stop.” Kyungsoo leans back in his seat. He’s done playing games. Meanwhile, Kai giggles softly with anticipation next to him.

Jongdae speaks into his radio then, letting the drivers know what they have to do. Their car stays behind while the other two make their move. They try to block them several times, with no success. Choi’s car manages its way through the blocking cars and accelerates. They probably already thought they were being followed, but now they know it for sure. He doesn’t want to give them the chance to lose them.

Chanyeol’s car accelerates as well, suddenly changing lanes and getting in between Choi’s car and the . The second car has to slow down, forcing the to stop, making it hard for it to keep following the main car.

“He has a good driver, at least.” Kai compliments.

Kyungsoo hums. “How far is Chanyeol willing to go?”

The mischievous sparkle in Kai’s eyes is almost blinding. “Really far.”

“I see,” Kyungsoo smirks. “Dae… tell him to flip them over.”

Jongdae blinks. “Boss?”

Kyungsoo glances at Jongdae, his eyes leaving room for no discussion. “Flip them over.”

The other man nods, talking into the radio. All they get is an affirmative response from Baekhyun.

Chanyeol’s car speeds up, abruptly switching lanes again and catching up to the black car. They watch as Chanyeol gets closer, a hair away from touching it. Of course, the other driver assumes he’s going to tackle them from the side and accelerates as well. However, as the black car gains some ground, Chanyeol bumps one of the back corners, making it slide over the pavement.

Chanyeol’s car roars, increasing the speed as he hits the other car one more time from the now exposed side, making it zigzag and eventually spin several times in the air. Sehun hits the breaks before they get caught up and fortunately, Chanyeol gains control of his own car. They watch the now-destroyed black car as it lands with a deafening noise on the side of the road. Luckily there aren’t any cars behind them so they can safely pull up next to it.

“Holy .” Jongdae mumbles under his breath as he steps out of the car, grabbing a flashlight with him to see if they’re still alive.

Kai claps in the back seat. “Never disappoints.”

Kyungsoo chuckles. “Not bad.”

They step out as well, watching their team inspect the area. The smell of gasoline floods the air, burning their nostrils. They have to move quickly before this gets worse or before a spectator calls the police. 

That's something Kyungsoo has no energy for right now.

“The driver is dead!” Baekhyun yells.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol and Jongdae pull Choi out the best they can, dropping him next to the car. Choi is still conscious, but he looks pretty stunned. His eyes flicker as he looks up at Kyungsoo and Kai.

“He’s still alive,” Chanyeol announces, crouching to empty his pockets of any weapons.

Kai walks over, crouching in front of Choi, a smirk never leaving his face. “Like I said, I’m good at catching up.”

Kyungsoo simply glares down at the man. What just happened would just be the start of the hell he’s about to face. “Have someone clear the area. We don’t want the police in our business.” He says. “We’re taking this one home.”

Kai pats Choi’s shoulder. “Just you wait. We’ll have fun.”

Taking him to Kai’s dungeon was the easiest part. His team would probably look for him, not that it mattered because, by the time they find him, there won't be much of him to save. They sat him on the old chair and bound him with no struggle on his part. Choi is pretty messed up, and even if they don't know the severity of his wounds, they do not intend to find out. However, given his circumstances, there isn't a single drop of remorse on his face.

Not that Kai expected it. 

“Is this the way you treat your guests?” Choi mocks. Good thing he could still find humor when he’s about to die. Chanyeol raises an eyebrow, pulling the rope to tighten the knot, making the other man complain.

Kai chuckles, sending Chanyeol an approving look.

“Only the very special ones,” Kyungsoo says, sitting at the edge of the wooden table in front of him. “Make yourself at home. You’ll be here for a while.”

Choi chuckles. “Ah, so you’re the type to go for the slow torture?”

Kyungsoo tilts his head. “Usually, I take care of it fast and clean… however, you piss me off, so here we are.” He sighs, lifting a shoulder in a half-shrug.

“You don’t look too upset,” Choi laughs. “Not the way Kim did yesterday. That was surely a show worth watching.”

Kyungsoo stands, surrounding the table in one smooth move. Reaching out, his fingers wrap around Choi’s throat. His nails bite into the skin. The other man gasps, his chair leaning back slightly. “Just because it doesn’t show on my face, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t confuse my silence.” Kyungsoo squeezes, making him gasp for air. “You not only deliberately deceived me but also attempted against me multiple times. Do you know how many chances I give?”

Kai smiles, lifting a single finger.

“Just one.” Kyungsoo continues. “Hurting the ones I care about was the last straw.” He chuckles. “I honestly hope you would’ve been honest from the beginning. I could’ve told you I was not the one you should’ve messed with. I’m your worst nightmare wrapped in a daydream.”

He finally lets him go when Choi’s skin turns red. The chair snaps back into place and he walks back to where Kai is standing. Choi coughs, filling his lungs with precious air as the other two watch him. Kai approaches him, landing a single punch across the man’s face.

Kai’s smile fades as he leans to be on his eye level. “Touching Soo and my brother was your first mistake.” He whispers. “What should we do with him?”

“I can think of a couple of things.” Kyungsoo shrugs. “What’s your usual routine?”

Kai seems to think about it. “Hmm, we got the initial conversation part done. I could do a Jongin special, although I’m not that great at it.” He walks away, reaching under the floor and pulling a leather bag with some tools.

“You got some help now, so I think we should be fine.” Kyungsoo chuckles. “It’s not like we can facetime Jongin for instructions. Let’s do that then.”

“Sounds good,” Kai replies.

Choi scoffs, sending them a bloody smile. He looks up at Kai. “I see who’s calling the shots here. You sure love being his puppy.” A desperate remark. He can tell Choi is holding on to a very thin string. Trying to set them against each other still.

Even in his final moments.

Kai lets out a chuckle. “Why wouldn’t I? He’s clever like the devil but twice as pretty.” He turns to Kyungsoo, winking at him.

Kyungsoo shakes his head. “You’re impossible.”

Kai shrugs. He faces Choi one last time. “Welcome to your personal ride to hell… hope you enjoy it to the fullest.”

When Kai and Kyungsoo get back to Yixing’s practice, the first thing they find is the doctor talking to Minseok outside of Jongin’s room. The two exchange a worried look as they approach. Hearts pounding inside their chests.

“What’s going on?” Kyungsoo asks when they’re close enough for the others to hear.

Minseok and Yixing turn to look at them. The doctor shakes his head.

“I was just giving him some general care details so he could inform you.” Yixing gives them a dimpled smile. “He’s awake now.”

Minseok sighs. “He asked for the two of you several times and scolded me for letting you handle Choi alone.”

Kai laughs. His relief is noticeable on his face. “Sounds like he’s all good.”

Kyungsoo nods. “He does.”

“I have the feeling he’s going to be even more of a pain in the because he’ll have to stay put for a while.” Minseok rubs his forehead.

“I’ll give you a raise.” Kai pats Minseok’s shoulder. He walks past them and opens the door to Jongin’s room. He doesn’t have to look back to know Kyungsoo is right behind him.

Jongin is biting his lip, looking out the window. Probably worrying about them even when he should be focusing on healing. He’s pale and looks tired despite having just taken the nap of his life. Kai swears his brother can be dumb sometimes.

“We’re fine. Get that frown out of your face.” Kai walks over, pulling a chair closer to the bed.

Jongin glares at him. “You’re lucky I’m too tired to move. Who gave you permission to go after Choi on your own?”

Kai laughs, making his brother’s frown deepen. “Who said I need your permission?”

Kyungsoo smiles, watching them. If he’s honest with himself, this is something he missed. He walks towards the bed, sitting on the edge. “I told him to stay, but he insisted.”

Jongin glances at Kyungsoo. He then pouts slightly, probably unconsciously. “You didn’t have permission either.”

Kyungsoo chuckles. He leans in to brush the hair out of his face. He doesn’t like how pale and fragile he looks. He’s one of the strongest men he knows. Sometimes to the point, it feels like nothing could harm him. This was a painful reminder that he’s also human. “I’m sorry, we won’t do it again.”

“Speak for yourself,” Kai says, still smiling.

Silence falls between them then. There were so many things Kyungsoo wanted to say before. So many words that he was struggling to push out. For a moment, when Jongin fell, his brain could only think about all the things he never got to say in time.

He never apologized.

Never told them how he was really feeling.

“I’m sorry.” He repeats, reaching out for both of their hands. “You never gave me a reason to doubt you, and yet that’s the first thing I did. All of this could’ve been avoided if I had just talked to you properly.”

Jongin shakes his head. “You were protecting yourself. We can never blame you for that.”

Kyungsoo looks down at their intertwined fingers. “Still…”

“We understand Soo… I told you, we know what it looked like.” Kai sighs. “And while it hurt to lose your trust, we know there’s nobody to blame here other than that bastard. We know how it must’ve been for you.”

“I was miserable,” Kyungsoo admits. “I couldn’t even leave my room most days… I was a mess.”

Kai squeezes his hand. “We would’ve been too if we didn’t have to get things straight as soon as possible.”

“Just say you forgive me then, so I can move on.”

Kai brings Kyungsoo’s hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to his palm. “There’s nothing to forgive.”

Kyungsoo would never get enough of this. Of them.

He turns to Jongin then. “And are you stupid? Why would you get in the middle of a bullet for me? I’m glad you’re fine, but it could’ve been a lot worse.”

“What else was I supposed to do?” Is Jongin’s calm response. Kyungsoo can tell in his eyes, that Jongin genuinely believes that was his only option.

“Let me take it, maybe?”

Jongin frowns. “Why would I do that? What if something happens to you? What would I do then?”

“What would I have done if something worse had happened to you?” Kyungsoo sighs.

“You still have Kai, however, I only have you.” Jongin shrugs as if it was obvious. “No matter what the situation is, I will always make sure you’re safe.”

Kai grins. "To be fair, there's only one Do Kyungsoo, you know. What are we going to do if we run out?"

“You’re impossible.” Kyungsoo shakes his head. However, he still squeezes Jongin’s hand.

“Next time, let’s just not be in danger… bullets kind of hurt.”

Both Kai and Kyungsoo laugh at this.

“I’m sure they do,” Kyungsoo says.

Now more than ever, Kyungsoo is entirely certain that right here, with these two, he’ll always be safe.

And nothing will change that.






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