be my summer lover? ♡



i'm not too sure what i'm doing here but here we are. i've had some spare time on my hands and instead of spending it watching youtube i'd rather spend it with you. 

what i'm looking for: a male dom to baby me. i am a clingy, affectionate sub and i'm also pretty funny (looking) or so i've been told. not too keen on plotting/long replies but we could on the side. i'd prefer casual chatting, playing games, spending time together. i can take care of your needs if you want me to though (no limits service sub here. woohoo, confetti) 

what you get: five cents, a bag of chips (half eaten) and me. i'm very much a "wanting to please my dom" kind of guy especially when i get deep into sub space. i do enjoy some playful banter though. i'm a minus, 21+, y mf with lots of spare time. we can make breakfast together then cry watching hamilton. i mostly fc males (hyeongjun, chanhee, sunoo, jeongin, sanha, beomgyu, renjun). i can also fc females (chaewon, sana, jennie, aespa or fromis) or anyone else you want me to but it doesn't matter who you fc (yonghee, hyunjae, wonho, jungkook, eunwoo, sunghoon, sungchan, jeno, mingyu, minhyuk, soobin, anyone) 

i promise i'm just a ball of sunshine that wants to hold someone's hand and give them kisses and tell them they're my everything. shoot me a dm with your kkt open profile link or id. if you use any other platform let me know and i could make a profile too 

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