Lifetimes & Universes

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Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime. — Ugo Eze

I think somewhere, in a parallel world, we made love in a garden of wilted flowers. Our trembling hands reaching out, trying to grasp the last watery rays of a dying sun. Where our hearts collided and shattered into a million tiny stars. - Michael Faudet

In the classical spiritual definition, a soul mate is someone that you have reincarnated with many times. You find each other in many lifetimes. - Frederick Lenz


Kim Sunggyu. He was 29 years old at first who became 28 years old and ended as 22 years old somewhere in different time. He was a secretary who was once the same and, in the end,, he was a student.


Nam Woohyun. He was 27 years old once and when the earth turned, he was still 27. Another turn, made him a 24-year-old man. Once a CEO downgraded to Advertising Manager but ended up as a Biology teacher.



One day, I just came into terms with myself that I will be leaving this earth with just you inside it and no one else.

It's ok. I've been wanting you since I met you and I don't regret leaving everything for you.

We exist in two timelines and yet we are one in this lifetime.



A/N: I couldn't promise that these fic would be good. Don't expect too much, please. I'm sorry. I thought I messed up the last 2 chapters since I have too much to think of. Even the foreword, I didn't know what I was thinking about that. Hahahaha :))  We would be migrating soon . Thus, I am being a scaterred-brain these past weeks. 


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