Chapter One

White Rainbow
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This is a love story of Wu and Yang in Lin'an during the Song Dynasty. The tale of the two young women began in the evening of the housewarming of millionaire Yang Fu who was a father of Yang. 

Yang Fu was originally a provincially businessman that held many trades, with thousands earning. 

He loved money so much. His mind and heart were dedicated to the money. Whatever that was involved in cash, he paid very big attention and much caution. Before investing, he went to check closely and inspect piece by piece; if he still felt a doubt or unsecure, he would not take even a step forward.

One day, he made a surprising decision by moving to the capital. He did this because he wanted to make his money bigger, and his target was the son of Song capital municipal governor. 

The mayor of Lin’an had the surname Wu and name Guang. He was a high-ranking official in the royal government. In addition to his position, power, prestige and wealth, Wu Guang was well known for his dignity and integrity as well as his loyalty to the nation, which earned many officials’ and people’s respect. As for the son, although he did not have the same reputation as the father, he never had bad news. 

Because of these qualities, Yang Fu decided to use his daughters to fish the Wu. 

Yang’s house was famous not only for its wealth but also the young ladies that were like goddesses in painting. 

With such potential, Yang Fu strongly believed that his daughters would be able to attract the son of the mayor, and he was sure that when he could tie a deep relationship with the Wu family, he would have backbone then his business would be strong and prosperous. Moreover, the most important point was that Wu certainly would not defraud his money.

Before Yang Fu arrived, Lin’an had its own golden fishes. The big ones were Chen, Wei and Liu. After Yang set his feet, Lin’an was added one more gold fish. It was not happy news for the original capital wealthy guys, but because they saw that Yang Fu's property was not smaller than them, they did not dare to raise up their shoulders at him, instead, they hugged his shoulder and smiled and called him ‘friend’.

The provincial goldfish could see through that the rich men of the city despised him because he was from the remote canton, and they counted him only for business. Because of this, Yang Fu strove to liaise with government officials at all levels, and also business people both large and small, to expand his network and to strengthen his foundation.

To make the plan go, Yang organized a housewarming party then invited officials, businessmen, and famous people from the capital and the province to attend - but the main guest was the mayor's family.

On the day, the yard of the new house of Yang was full of numerous guests with over bodies decorated by expensive things. 

The three goldfishes and their families also joined the party.


At a side of the lawn, on the wooden bridge, two ert offspring of Wei and Liu were standing with mouth gossiping but eyes watched four youthful ladies that were staying by the flower park before. 

"The girls are pretty," Wei Feng said.

"Yes." Liu Tao wagged. "Do you have any idea where they are from?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure they are from rich families or they would not be allowed to come in."

"Perhaps they are daughters of millionaire Yang."

Wei Feng shook head, "They cannot be."

"How can you know they are not?"

"Millionaire Yang organizes this event in order to show off his daughters. I heard he manages his daughters to perform dancing for t

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