daydream.   /   a non au kkt rp. join if ur a jackbox lover! ac done, more fcs available! chaewon is still free on february 14th!


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opened 07.25 @ 12pm kst.
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앨리스가 빠진 구멍처럼, 호그와트 가는 길처럼, 신기루의 세계일 거야.
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1. this is a closed, non au rp on kkt. be ooc & ic to join. we only accept fcs from the korean entertainment industry. we don't allow fcs that are deceased, involved in controversies, or that have asked not to be roleplayed.

2. the group chats are unrated. however, please keep explicit ual content and images in the nsfw chat, and refrain from discussing triggering and/or sensitive topics publicly, as we wish to make this an enjoyable place for all.

3. be kind and inclusive! make an effort to welcome newcomers & no facechasing or selective replies. do not cause ic or ooc drama. pls reach out to an admin if there are any issues! ooc chat is fine, but please try to keep it in brackets to avoid confusion. 

4. activity checks will be held randomly. dm an admin if leaving or going on hiatus/semi-hiatus. semi-hiatus lasts a week, hiatus lasts two. feel free to ask for an extension.

5. character changes are unlimited. temporary changes last up to 48 hours or until the faceclaim is reserved. there is a 48 hour cool-down period between ccs. pw is your favorite animated movie.

6. love is love. move-in couples are welcome. for new couples, there isn't any waiting period, just use your best judgement lol. dm an admin with your date to be added to the couple list.
how to join
1. subscribing to the thread is mandatory in order to comment. check the masterlist for your desired faceclaim. if you're indecisive, consider granting one of our wishes!

2. fill out & comment the application:

3. once you've been accepted, you have 24 hours to follow the instructions in the reply to your application. keep in mind that newly created accounts (less than a week old) are restricted on kkt. you may be unable to join for a day or so.

4. you may socialize after joining.  have fun!

hyunjin. skz, everglow's sihyeon & yiren, twice's tzuyu, CRAVITY, younite's eunsang, nct's jisung.
minho. skz, enhypen, stayc's isa, and aespa's ningning. a changbin to cpdp with.
soobin. txt's taehyun, kep1er's bahiyyih. 
chaewon. all loona, wjsn (esp eunseo and seola). full twice members , noze, full itzy, jeno and jaemin. hot women. kep1er. all fromis_9.
beomgyu. txt's taehyun, dreamcatcher, stayc, loona, kep1er's bahiyyih. 
sunghoon. complete enhypen. more svt members.
sakura. blackpink, bts, enhypen, stray kids, itzy, more babes for me.
yunjin. complete blackpink, jay b, twice esp chaeyoung and more people to kiss. <3
rosé. more 97 liners, ateez seonghwa, sf9 taeyang and hwiyoung, soloist mark, nct johnny, and monsta x changkyun and hyungwon, jung jinhyeong.  
jisung. aespa's karina and jo yuri.
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taken reserved admin

actors/actresses: go yoonjung, kang mina
aespa: winter
astro: eunwoo
blackpink: rosé jennie
bts: jungkook v
enhypen: heeseung sunghoon
gidle: minnie
itzy: yeji chaeryeong ryujin yuna
le sserafim: kazuha sakura chaewon yunjin
loona: gowon
nct: jaehyun taeyong
red velvet: yeri
stray kids: minho hyunjin felix seungmin han
the boyz: sunwoo juyeon
txt: beomgyu soobin hueningkai yeonjun taehyun
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beomgyu & gowon
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couple icon
sakura & sunghoon
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jungkook & minnie
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