Save The Love For Me (Your Memory)

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"Hoseok, if your memory comes back, will you forget me?" -Hareum-

"I can't know about that but I'll save my love for you in my memory and comeback to you one day, I promise." -Hoseok-

"Please save the love for me!" -Hareum-

"I won't change my love for you. Good bye for now, Hareum." -Hoseok-



So this is my first ever story featuring Jung Hoseok from BTS as he is currently topping at number one on my bias list. I mean who wouldn't fall for him after his solo debut with "ARSON"? It's just perfect and I'm so crazily in love with HOSEOK & ARSON. This is why I'm here to start writing this story featuring him. Please show love this story as well as his song "ARSON". Thank you in advance to those who would stop by and have a look at this story. :) See you in the story.

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