Wang Yibo always dreamt of a pair of iridescent wings that were fluttering against the wind, sometimes it was a mole under someone’s lips, sometimes an almond-shaped eyes that radiates innocence and warmth, sometimes it was a smile, showing off a bunny teeth. Wang Yibo will always wake up when he tries to hold those pairs of wings or touch those beautiful lips. Even in dreams, all he could do was sigh in defeat for not having a chance to take a look at the other person properly.


    Then, he met Zhan. His first thought was “What the ?” I mean, who could blame him honestly? You minding your own business, skating around the park and then bumped into a gorgeous male with a mole under his lips. Okay, calm down! Maybe a coincidence, or maybe you are just fixated about someone who has one, but then the antennae on his head and pair of wings behind his back says otherwise, that this man is the one he has been having dreams of! Well—


    “Dreams aren’t supposed to get real!”


Oh and one more thing! Did he ever mention the silk dress that reached only above his knees and was a backless one? 



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