Yujin X Gaeul Oneshots


So here are some Yujin X Gaeul (IVE) oneshots, with a minor bit of .


I haven't seen much IVE stories, so here are some for you guys to read.

They will all be member X member, and I will be taking requests at the end of every chapter for the next one.

Some of them will not be refering to real-life scenes, so if it doesn't fit reality, just so you guys know it wasn't intended to.

I will try my best to update like twice every week, but I might be a little busy sometimes so yeah...it's not promised.\


I know chapter 3 was't about Fallderz themselves. Sorry about that I was planning on writing something longer but then it turned out too long so I had to break it into two chapters. Chapter 4 will be more interesting (if chapter 3 wasn't interesting enough).
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