Take a chance on me

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Back in your teenage years 

(You)- wait don't leave (you said while holding back tears and not wanting to let go of his hand)

(Him)- I'm sorry but it's best if we part our ways here, that way no one will get hurt, plus you're way too ugly to be my girlfriend

(You)-If you really cared about me you would've given us a chance

10 years later...

You had remained single for the last 5-6 years after your break up which only made you fear the idea of falling in love again.

You couldn't imagine yourself loving someone else ever again and began to feel more afraid to let someone into your live if it meant you had to be intimate with them.

However one day you found yourself getting a message from an old friend on Instagram which took you by surprise at first but the more you talked to him, you've started to slowly open your heart more. 

Will he finally be the one who takes a chance on falling in love with you? or will he just be friendzoning you like every other guy you've ended up falling for?


Will be taking inspiration from Love Revolution and Dear M for some of the chapters.

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